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Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Hello darling Im in hong kong now! Ive had few hours sleep and I just thought that I should update you! The flights was fine there was a ton of films to watch I choose the last song it was so good but the book is alot better! I hope you qare all doing well and I will try and post another update as soon as I can!

Miss Justine Jones (: x

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Paalam - Goodbye :(

Well my lovelies the time has come! Ive got to go :( I must admit im very excited about going away but I will miss you dearly! I decied that while im away i will buy some elf and covergirls so I can review it on here so us english chicks can get a feel for the ever so popular unavailble brands! Hope you all have an amazing summer 2010 and I will try and post! I may even post when I'm in hong kong for 8 hours! But if i dont see you later lovelies :)

Bye Bye

Miss Justine Jones x (:

Tag - Three Things :)

Here I am again! I tried to do this last night but dearest mother said enough was enough at 12.17 … well I having a writers break and looking at some blog and I found raspberry kiss. I saw she had done this tag which I found very interesting!

I was reading through some of her posts and this tag made me think

“how much fun!”

To make this a little more me I’ve decide to take the orginal tag and add 1 more question! And then anyone I tag will add there own then the people they tag will! Hope you do it!
Three names I go by
Three places I have lived
1. Cheshire
3.Chesire - Never moved ;)
Three favourite drinks
1. Evain - Best.water.ever
2. Sprite - Fizzy Goodness
3. Mcdonalds Strawberry Milkshake - For the kid inside me :)
Three TV shows I watch
1. Glee! - yes im a gleek :)
2. Despertae housewives - Ive been to the set in LA :)
3. Gossip Girl - I watched the first series at a friend and I'm hooked! Chase Crawford :D
Three places I have been
1. LA - Shopping City!
2. Las Vagas - I really liked it there was stuff for me to do and not just full of casinos :)
3. Philippines - Family :)
Three places I would like to visit
1. New York - I've been to the airport but that doesn't count right?
2. Austraila
3. Rome
Three people who text me regularly
1. Rachel - Best Friend :) also goes by the name moose ;)
2. Hollie
3. Joe - Good friend :)
Three Favourite Old TV Shows
1. Friends - come on we've all seen it :)
2. Scooby Doo - Ahh makes me smile everytime :)
3. Tweenies!
Three Favorite Dishes
1. Pansit - Philippines noodle dish :)
2. Lamb Roast Dinner - Yum!
3. Pizza - School Pizza is amazing seriously!
Three makeup products I cannot live without
1. Concealer - My holy grail make up product :)
2. Lip Balm - So many people count this as make up so this is a must!
3. Mascara
Three Things I'm Looking Forward to
1. Doing my GCSE's - I actually am looking forward to this!
2. Getting married - Far off but hey!
3. Having a family - :)
Okay now my question :)
Three favoruite films
1. The Shawshank Redemption - Get busy living or get busy dying quote of my life :)
2. Slumdog Millionaire - I'm raeding the book this summer :)
3. Angus , Thongs and Perfect snogging - Ace film ;)
Well I hope you enjoyed it!
I tag these lovely people In particular
and anyone who wants to do it :)
Have Fun!
Miss Justine Jones x (:

Monday, 26 July 2010

A little look into my ipod

Hello again lovelys!

Since as my phone is on ultimate charge for my holiday I haven't been able to take any pictures for you! So I was thinking of a blog post I could with no pictures from my phone (: As I had already done a tag I was thinking of something and I remembered watching a video on youtube named a look into my ipod so I decied great lets do that! Basiclly all im going to do is talk about music!

I love music. I was thinking that the older you get the more you appreciate music . Music can define the person you are. Music is very inspiring.

My top 10 songs are

1. Aeroplanes - B.O.B ft Haley Williams - AMAZING

2. Brick By Boring Brick - Paramore - It's a running joke with a friend of mine :)

3. You belong with me - Taylor Swift - Lets me honest we've all been there :)

4. Everything - Lifehouse - Seen it in RE so many times :)

5. Shes Always a Woman - Fyfe Dangerfield - Such a beautiful song :)

6. Bad Romance - Lady Gaga - Great dance song and so relevent in my life :)

7. Beautiful - James Blunt - Just amazing :)

8.Billie Jean - Micheal Jackson - :)

9.Hero - Enrique Iglesias - You must have heard this one :)

10. You've got a Friend in Me - Randy Newman - For all my best friends :)

Whats your top 10 songs?

Miss Justine Jones (: x

I'm back with a tag - 8 questions!

Hello everyone!

Ive been a very bad blogger ... its been far to long since Ive been here and im out the loop completly! But I'm back ... until tomorrow! I'm going on holiday with my family for 3 weeks to the Philippines and Dubai, my mum comes from the Philippines so we like to vist there! But no blogger! I wil post when I can but today I will post as many as my hands will let me!

I was reading resent blogs before I wrote this and I saw that there was a petion for the MAC rodarte collection which I'm sure you all know about. Theres a petion going round and here the link ive signed it already :)

So as my last post was 16 days ago you may have guessed I have only been able to quickly galnce at a few blogs becaseu I've been busy finishing school and then seeing friend and family before my holiday. I only now had the time to check on my blog and I saw that there was a comment on my last blog from Byjody! Shes such a lovely blogger and she told me that she has tagged me in her tag 8 questions! I had read a few of these and was so excited when I saw Jody had tagged me! How lovely of her thank you again! If your not following her you must!

So for this tag you have to answer the questions of the person who tagged you - in my case the wonderful Jody! And then you make up your questions and the people youve tagged answer them so here we go!

1. Do you do your hair or make up first?

Hair because I really like to feel ultra clean when dong my make up and it my hair is all over the place frizzing at a rapid speed I feel very unclean and unable to produce a look!

2.What is your favourite nail varnish?

It has to be bright red by barry m! The name says it all :)

3. What product (makeup/skincare or hair) would you recommend?

For make up it has to be soba by MAC beucase ive never seen this beautiful brown anywhere on blogger or youtube but it really is a colour for everything!

4. What is your favourite item of clothing? - Pictures would be helpful :)

My all time favourite item has to be my hollister t-shirt! I just love it I can wear it with anything and its like my signiture piece with my friends!

5. Who is your girl crush and why?

Eva Longoria Parker for the simple fact that she is so pretty! Im a big desperate housewife fan and she comes across so lovely in the press!

6. What do you know now that you wish you'd known then?

I wish I knew that dwelling on something only makes it harder to get over.

7. If you had unlimited money for a day what would you buy/do?

WARNING: 13 year old is answering this question ....

Well first I would go to the trafford centre head for hollister and buy as much as I could carry. Then head over to the selfridges and buy mac,benefit and clinque to fill 5 large primark shopping bags! Then buy a pair of purple GHD's :) Then the designer bag section would hit me and I would buy as many bags as I liked and buy some for my family! Then I would catch a train to london and go to harrods and spend spend spend on anything I'd ever wanted! I would then buy a trip to Florida for all the family! Then finally buy a massive house for me and my parents in England and in America. A house each for my two sister,uncle and nan and grandad! Hurry to a juciy couture shop and go a little bit crazy then finally head for dominos and order pizza for everyone! And I would donate money to charitys for the UK and the Philippines!

And yes I could do that in one day ... believe me! ;)

8. Where do you/would you like to see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years time I will be 23 and I hope to have a boyfriend and car with a good paying job to support us. Honestly that is all :)

I hope you foiund this tag somewhat funny and different ;)

My questions ... :)

1. If you could only have one make up product for the rest of you life what would it be?

2. If you could own any shop what would it be and why?

3. What invention do you wish you created?

4. If you could be a cartoon charceter for a day who would you be?

5. Whats your favoruite smell?

6. What song do you relate to your life the most?

7. Whats your favourite pair of shoes? Picture please :)

8. If you could tell the world one commandment what would it be?

I tag everyone and anyone :) Please tell me if you do it as I would love to hear your answers :)

Miss Justine Jones :) x

P.S All photos from google :)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

A little bit of a rant .....

Hello again!

Okay bloggies im sorry to have to do this but I dont know what to say! I was watching a video recently and the girls said she was filipino and I am half filipino - hence going on holiday there this summer - anyway I commented saying "your philipino ahh cool I am too - half britsih half philippino when was the last time you went there" okay spelling mistake we all make them lets be fair I didnt realise until I just signed in on youtube - which has no videos sadly - and i had a comment email and thsi si what someone replied ... you sure you're filipino? You can't even spell filipino right... It's filipino not "philipino".

I.am.so.annoyed .... have you seen harry potter when herminone is telling ron how to say the the flying spell - my spelling is bad enough to attepmt it - it was a moment like that!

I thought youtube was like a family were people shared things :( It's really made me quite upset beucase she was questioning me the little horrid person! I know right now I sound silly but it really hurt! I'm not exactly going to lie about who I am! I'm the one in class making people be who they are and embrace it! Its really stressed me out! She didn't even say it in a nice way she could have put something like " youve been in england to long ;) it's filipino not philipino" I would have laughed at that and said sorry but I deleted my comment and thats that!

I think is the main reason I'm not uploading videos purely because I'm not sure if the horrid comment would overtake everything ...I think blogger is the way forward and I just want to say sorry for all the spelling mistake i have and ever will make

Miss Justine Jones x

Hello again my lovelys!! Update and Haulage!

Hello darlings!

How everyone going? My life has been pretty hecktic at the moment! Since my very in the past blog i've been to lourdes ... wow experience and a half! I'm not going to go on to much about it but if you go there your life will get better its so humbling :) I've also been at the oh loving school which has been really good at the moment! I finish on the 21st and then im off to the philippines and dubai for 3 weeks! If anyone can recommened places to see i dubai please please do! We are staying in the atlantis so anywere near there as we really want to be able to see dubai as its our first time as a family! There wont be many blogs in that time but I'm going to blog loads now and then maybe a few when I'm away! Also big haul when I get back because in the philippines they have elf and covergirl! That brings me on to the lovely Jody! She hauled the complexion perfection powder and I asked her to a review as I trust her opions and she did! Its was so sweet of her and she even linked me in it to so thank you Jody and heres her blog :) http://byjodys.blogspot.com/

So now I have a collective haul ... Its not very much at all but i've had no time for shopping : yes ive been busy all the time and I cant even go this weekend because its my best friends party today and its a sleepover! But no fear I'm going shopping with my sister next weekend so that will be fun!

Sorry for the head turning photo but my uploader just failed : So I bought that coral t-shirt from chesire oaks as im not buying the coral lips this season so a t-shirt is my lips ;) Then I bought vintage lase a while back and i love it! Revlon never seem to let me down eye wise and I think Im going to purcase more. Under that I bought the infamous peach satin mousse blush! It is a really nice pink with quite alot of shimmer so keep that in mind if you are going to get it :) Then underneath the product im buzzing about! NYX MOSAIC POWERDER BLUSH! Oh yea they have nyx here in the uk ... well kinda ... I was at chesire oaks and i went into the revlon outlet shop and I saw this baby for £2! What a steel its in the colour plummy and you can mix them all together or use half of the pallete for a light pink cheek or the other for a darker plummy cheek! I then picked up the galmour benefit issue and picked the eye bright beucase i dont use black eyeliner and the it stick I heard was for people with fair skin and im nw25 from mac ... then my last item is Barry m's bright red! The name says it all for this and its a lovely summer colour!

So to the end of my blog! Has anyone got any nicolas sparkes recommendations? Im going to teh philippine sas you know andthe book sthere are quite inexpensive and im a lover of his books! I have the last song, dear john and a walk to remember!

Love you all!

Miss Justine Jones x :)