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Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Hello Darlings :)

Just before go into the main part of this blog I want to say thank you to all my wonderful followers! I resently got 5 new followers and I must admit I am "buzzing"! Thank you so much for takig the time out of your day read my posts ... I love you guys :') x

Anyway lovlies ... I went on this :O

Yes I went on oblivion :O OMDAYS!

AHHH this is huge moment in my life ... Oblivion is basically a "rollercoaster" or a drop into hell ( everyone has an opinion!) at alton towers resort. It is, in my opion, one of the best theme parks in the UK and I have been there many times as a kid! This time though there was no parents just my friends Niamh, Emma and Annie - Annies parents were wondering round the gardens letting us do are thing :)

Emma, Niamh, Annie and Moi

Well anyway Annie's parents bought us fast passes - how lovely of them - the one which lets you get on Oblivion, Air and Nemisis so we headed for Nemisis first as this was the one we all wanted to go on the most and it was close to air so we could kill two birds with one stone! But on out way there we saw the fulme had no que ... So we hopped in the bath shapped cart and got soaked! Of cource I was at the front and of cource I got the wettest :| but it was all fun!

We then went on nemisis - a good rollercoaster and air - a rollercoaster with a difference you kind of lie down it's amazing!

Then we went on a few other had lunch and then said right lets kick butt on oblivion! So we went on it! We fast passed so we were on it within 5 minutes and I saw down in the seat and was like there is no going back now ... I decied singing was relivent as we were making our way to the drop so at the top of my lungs I sung happy birthday :) then we came to the bit were you hang ... that is the worse cause you think your about to go and well you dont ... I had been counting how long it was from watching it and it was a three second hang and a 7 second drop .... so I began to count in the my head

1 ... 2 .... 3 .... AHHHHHHHHHH

The drop was pretty intense but so much fun!! I couldn't scream as we were dropping for some strange reson but I did when we were on the bend bit! Guys I loved it :')

I recommened going on Nemisis , Air , Oblivion and 13 - not going to say to much about 13 as it is a rollercoaster that gives you a suprises and a half .... ;) If you dont get fastpasses expect hour waits for all of thoose rides but do go it's a great day out! If closes for the winter on November 4th but go now or easter or summer as I swear you will not be dissapointed :)

And to make this some how make up related I tested out covergirls fantastic lash hydrofuge waterproofness ( it's a word we all understand right? ) and it stayed on through my flume experience! ( availible from T J Hughes )

Collective haul coming soon guys

Justine xx :)

Saturday, 16 October 2010

I want be a billionaire so freaking bad ...

Hello Bloggies :)

Well I must admit I loveeee this song I mean state the obvious right? Who doesnt want to be a billionaire! I thought that now it's nearly winter here and that my brithday and christmas both fall in this season I thought a wishlist would be very appropiate! :) Enjoy!

Of cource what beauty blogger wish list wouldn't inclueded this little treasure!

It's neautral goodness I would never need eyeshadow again!

I really want to try this stain and my sister just rung me up and said she saw it in debenhams and said it would look lovely on me :)

Pinky goodness! :)

Conceal Conceal Conceal! :)Benefit ftw here isn't it :) I really want to try more of the brand after getting the eye bright which made it way into my everyday routine!

MAC I do love you I think MAC's best thing are there blushes, lip stuff and eyeshadows :)

I have wanted MAC lady blush for the longest time :)

Well if I had one thing that I maybe couldn't buy with money it would be this dude with a bow on top ;)

He-he :) I would also relaly love some book recommendations! I'm a little book worm and I am currently reading Across the Nightingale Floor By Lian Hearn It's very very good my english teacher told me to read it and when she handed it me she said it was like giving a child away ;) She's lovely! If I had to recommened some books it would be Memoirs of A Geshia and Slumdog Millionaire they are completly different to the film and so much better! :)

What are you wanting at the moment?

Love all round

Justine :)