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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Right Now I Should Be Doing Homework .... Instead I Tell You About Me Feeling Like A Grandma and CCO's

Hello Darlings
I just thought a wednesday post would be a nice way to get rid of thoose mid week blues!
I really should be trying with my maths homework at the present moment in time but facebook, blogger and twitter - justine__jones - are interesting me more! I don't really see the point in learing how to graph lines I mean seriously when I go for an interview are the going to ask me
"Justine how do you draw a line?"
Hello my best friend the ruler!
Tomorrow at my school we are having a welcome mass for the new year seven's ... It makes me feel grandma like I mean it only seems like yesterday I was attending my own and having to sit on the bench's instead of the chairs ;)
I was with my best friend today picking up her younger brother from the primary school next to my high school and we walked into the classroom I had in year 4 and I felt taken back! The smell was just like the old days ... I swear if I saw a grey hair or my first wrinkle I would not be suprised!
Now for beauty related goodness ... :)
I was reading a blog about CCO's and I thought I should post the address's of the two I have been too. I am pretty lucky as one of them is litterally 5 minutes away and when I'm a good girl my mummy lets me have something ;) I resently picked up cheek and cheerful mineralized blush! It's such a beautiful bronzey colour I love it! I think they should be all over the places but I have only bee to two here in the U.K here are the places :)
20 Kinsey Road
Ellesmere Port
CH65 9LA
near the women's M and S outlet shop
57 Pingle Dr
One for the noth west people and one for the southners :)
Well I hope this blog post made you smile
Much Love!
Justine (:
P.S Dear Icebergs , Sorry to hear abour global warming. Karma's a B!tch. Sincerely The Titantic
^ What a legend of a facebook group ;)

Saturday, 25 September 2010

A new page ...

Well this blog has just failed right! :( That makes me really sad! Its been 2 m0nths since our last update but I'm back and ready! I have decied that I am going to use this blog as more of a everyday diary thing instead of make up ... I will still post haul's and if anyone wants a review I will do it but I was think of maybe doing a new style just everyday things ....

So for my first go at this new me I want topost about the justin bieber jasmine villegas case .. I think it's pretty cute ... last night me and my best friend were seriosuly going of the guy but after a nights sleep I'm happy for him so I hope the rumours are true :)

This week I have been at school .... yay I must admit I prefere year 9 to all the years I have had so far in my high school because I don't feel intimidated by people as much anymore ... but I remember being in year 7 and being so scared of the year 9's so I will not use this new found "power" to be like that ...

Being in year 9 also mean options ... What to pick hey? I want to be a dermatoligist currently so I was think of picking double science, history, drama and spanish or french ... What do think guys?

Hope your all well