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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas Haul - Part 1 :)

Hello Darlings!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Santa gave you everything you wanted :')

I know that this title make's me sound a bit spolied but I have a reason! I lierally have opened 3 presents :D I am having my Christmas on new year's day with my sister's at my house because my Mom wanted us all to be together when we open our presents so I shall just have to wait! :)

So onto my haul :)

The first bit of the haul isn't really a haul ... yeah that makes no sence what so ever but my big present from mr clause was my holiday to Rome ... It was beautiful guys ... My Mom especially enjoyed it because she saw the Pope when he was making his Christmas day speech ... The food in Rome was out of this world :D Well here are some snap's of my holiday :)

Moi and Mom

Moi and Dad

My Mom and Dad <3

Before I got there I opened my ugg boot's! Oh I love them! I have alway's loved ugg's and this is my 5th pair :) They are so warm and comfy!

Then on Chistmas morning I open these two lovely t-shirt's ... :D

Oh gosh I buzzed for ages of the I <3 NY t-shirt for ages!

I also got some Abercrombie jegging's and a aeropostale hoodie which are cureently being washed :)

Whilest I was in Rome I actually only bought two thing's :)

My Jesus Bracelet

And My purple pashmina - You could buy these everywhere there were street sellers all over and I got two for 10 euros after haggeling :)

Today I went shopping! And lush was there in all of it's smellness calling me inside!

Girl's if you like bath's go to Lush tomorrow and buy as much as you can! I only bought 2 things which all of it came to £3.99 when it would normal be about £9!

2 creamy candy bubble bars - both of them for £2.35

Chunk of angles delight for £1.64 :D

SO I was very very happy! :D

Hauls are my favoruite post's ever to read and to write so if any of you guys have a haul you would like me to read then please just link it below :) I know this sounds weird but most bloggers don't like it when people link there blog's below but I love it so link away :)

Part 2 coming in the new year :)

Hope your well :D

Justine x

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas x

Hey my festive darling's!

I can't quite believe it's christmas eve eve! Crazy stuff hey ...

Well the point of this post isn't to advertise Santa or snow but to just remind you of how lucky you are.

One of my best guy friend's dad died today due to slipping over on the ice. It's quite hard to believe that God would do that at this time of the year but it's just not fair.

As some of you may know I am going to Rome tomorrow for christmas and I acctually picked to go there because I wanted to celebrate christmas's true meaning which is, in my religion, Jesus's birth, I must admit it doesn't really feel like christmas to me but hopefully thing's will be better when I get into Rome.

I know this was a bit of a personal post and I promise I will not do these this often.

Merry Christmas guy's, you're all in my prayers :)

Justine x

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Mini Christmas Haul :)

Hello Darlings!

Well have you seen the snow! We just got our dose in the north west and it's so white and crisp! One couldn't enjoy the snow with making snowmen or throwing snowballs oh no I went christmas shopping! Yes the final weekend and I did everything! My Nan and I were women on a mission! We shopped from 10.45 til 4.45!
I managed to get everything I wanted and they are now all wrapped under my tree!

And of cource I got my friends and my extremly hot body looking abercrombie model will assist me tomorrow when I hand them out!

Now when I go on a shopping trip for other I just can't help picking up a few little things for myself!

Now a trip to Chester wouldn't be complete without me getting some sweets! I am in LOVE with Wonka sweets they just taste super yummy and rainbow dust is just a classic!

I went into Primani and picked up 3 things! I loved these clips becuase I always ware bows or roses to school in my hair and there were just to cute to pass for £1! I always seem to run out of bobbles so these's were just handy for another pound!

I then saw this skirt ... Now I dont normally go for clothes like this but I just thought with black tights and a white top it might be nice for a party? What do you think? Again it was reduced from £4 to £1!

Now these were the highlights of my trip! I really wanted to get vaseline in a stick! I <3 vaseline but the whole finger dipping thing is just not practical when your in school so that was heaven to me and it was around £1.50! Then I got the nivea one in a set which was just fab as I had run out and this is great under any lip product! Then my Jack Wills pen :) £1 again and work's amazingly!

Well girlies hope you enjoyed this post! I shall try to get another post up before I fly to Rome on the 24th :)

Until next time darling's :)

Justine :) xx

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas and Mini Haul ♥

Hey Girlies!

Hope everyone's keeping well! I am in a very festive mood today as I went for my first christmas shop! How exciting! I decied to incldues some photo's of my house's christmas decorations :)

Our Christmas tree :)

We have these on our fireplaces every year and we got them done when we went to disneyworld :)

No christmas would be complete without advent calenders ... nom :3

So onto the main post. I have been watching and reading many christmas gift idea video's and I love watching them and getting idea's but many off them I have been watching have just been to expensive :/ I am only 14 and to be frank I can't afford what these people are saying :/ It really sucks but I always seem to be able to find something that my family/ friends will like for not very much :)

So I guess you could call this a "gift guide for people on a budget" :D

Here's what my list for people nearest and dearest :)

Mum - Finding Nemo DVD and Mint's £9 - Family Joke ;)
Dad – Michael Jackson CD £9.99 - Dad + Michael = Bad singing and happy times :)
Ate Lyn – Hot water bottle £8 - Can't really go wrong with these can you?
Ate <-( Sister in filipino ) Jenna – Ring and socks £8 - Great for any girl
Nan – Ornament and book £10 - Nan's just love this stuff :)
Gramps – Deodorant and Chocolate £8 - Men can't get enough of ethier!
Sian – Lush Set £5/6 - They have some cute lush sets this year for any pocket!
Savannah - Lip balms and white chocolate £6 - She love's both :)
Rachel - Glee mug and Victoria secret stuff - My ultimate bestie obsessed with america ;)
Michael, Lauren and Mary – Bath sets £3.99 - Superdrug = Awesomeness

See how you can make a few pound's go along way? If you don't earn any money or your a little bit straped down with other things these are great and the person will love any of this :) Another great thing is moonpig or funky pigeon! They are personalised cards and these are great for that cousin you see every blue moon or that friend who never seems to answer the phone, also family memmbers can have a giggle over what you put in it!

Here are some other ideas I have got :)

Chocolate and sweets; you can never go wrong

These CD's are on trend at the minute and are about £10 each :)

DVD's are also amazing presents :) I choose these older movies beucase they won't be as much as latest releases but can be just as good.

And here is my mini haul :) I bought some Justin Bieber bracelets ( LESS THAN 3 MONTHS UNTIL I GO TO HIS CONCERT ... AHHHHHH! ) a witch blemish stick as I read on a blog that it worked wonders and it was £3, then I got a a 17 nailpolish because I had a voucher for half price with my boots card in royal indigo ( Justin Bieber's favoruite colour is purple ... just saying ... :)

Hope you liked it :)
If there's any post's or reviews you would like me to do then leave me a comment :)

Justine :)

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Happy December!

Hello darlings!


If you - like me - live in the UK you would have most proberly seen some snow recently! Me being a 14 year old loves the snow when it's lovely and fluffy but where I live we had short spurts of snow and it's all crunchy ... so it kinda sucks and even then we had to go to school! School has acctually been okay recently but it's getting very close to picking my options ... :O I am hoping to take double or triple science, history, french and drama! I must admit I am excited to do them purely for the reason that I will feel that the work I'm doing is going towards my future! I want to be a doctor when I am older because that will enable me to travel the world with my job which is something that seems so interesting! I would like to be a dermatoligist in particular because then I can mix my doctoring with beauty ;)

Also as we know december in my mind = Christmas! AHHH!
Last year I celebrated christmas in Paris! How exciting! It was amazing! I was in disney on christmas day! Well this year we are going to Rome! I can't wait! It sounds so different and Italy has always been a place I want to visit! So pictures and post when I get back!

My mom just got back from New York and I must admit I missed her plenty! She went there for the major sale's they have! If you don't know over the pond they have this HUGE sale called black friday sales! They take so much percent of things, so I was pretty excited! My mom gave me a juicy couture make up bag and some abercrombie jeggings! Yes I was buzzing :D She said that she has got some christmas stuff so I had to walk out of the room a few times ... ;) Before she left I told her about my new york pizza dream ( read the 30 thing post I did for more information ) and she said she would see if I could, so when she got home I asked her about it and she told me that people before had tried to give thme food and they accepted it but then they got ill and sued you. How sad is that? Someone being so nice to give someone food and then they claim! I was really upset but my mom said there were plenty of homeless people charities there so if I did go there one day I would dontate to that. - My mom preferes the mOm spelling :)

She was wondering if anyone would like any abercrombie stuff as she brought some back for friends and she was wondering if any of you guys would like to buy any? Just leave me a comment if you would like to!

And now girls HUGE HUGE NEWS!


AHHH! Must admit I am so excited to be going! I know some people do not aggree with my Bieber love but oh amn I am so excited! I go on 11.03.11 and it's 97 days til i go! AHHH!

Also for all my UK readers! Rebbecca to win Matt or One Direction to come second for X Factor! And Stacey to win tonight! :D

And I have twitter! Justine__Jones if your wondering!

So I just thought you would like a little random happy december post :D

- Justine :) x

P.S If there is any post's you would like me to do please comment and tell me!

P.P.S All photo's from the lovely google I wish I could take such nice picture but I can't so all credit to them :)