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Sunday, 21 November 2010

30 Thing I want to do

Hello Lovelies!

I saw this post on Hannah's blog! I Loved it so much I just had to do it!

Heres Hannah post - http://beautylishious.blogspot.com/2010/11/30-things-i-want-to-do.html

1. Learn how to drive
2. Visit Austraila
3. Find Mr Prince Charming
4. Meet Justin Bieber - Maybe 3 and 4 are joined ;)
5. Cook a 3 cource meal for my family
6. Learn how to play the guitar
7. Be able to count to 10 in 10 different languages - 3 so far english,french,filipino!
8. Go to an amercian summer camp
9. Record a video and put it on youtube
10. Break cliques in school :|
11. Write 100 blog post's!
12. Audition for a TV show
13. Have a pen pal! - if anyone knows were I can get one please tell me :)
14. Buy a large pizza in New York and give a slice to every homeless person
15. Sleep under thet starts with the person I love
16. Go to a festival!
17. Tell the people I love that I love them
18. Compete in somthing sporty that is not sports day!
19. Do soemthing completly rebelious
20. Be on TV!
21. Ride in a hot air balloon
22. Get married, have kids and be succesful
23. Donate life changing amounts of money to the philippines
24. Appreciate my real friends
25. Jump out of plane
26. Be able to talk to people who right now I cannot
27. Understand why I'm in top set for maths - this is never going to happen I hate maths it's seriously pointless I mean who cares about the lines in some angle! As long as I can add, divied, mulitply, subtract and understand algebra then I dont need anymore hours of my life wasted! Maths rant over.
28. Make something in CDT and accutally be pround of it!
29. ALWAYS be there for my family and friends and never forget
30. Always be postive!

Hope you like it!

Justine :) x

Friday, 19 November 2010

Introducing me ... :)

Hello Sweeties!

Thank you so much to the new followers! I cant believe that 35 of you are interested i what I weite about! When I get to 50 I promise a giveaway! Well today my lovelies I though I would write about well ... me! It find it cool how people on here are bonded by one thing or another but they may not actually know the person so I though here's a fact file about me :)

Name - Justine Maureen Soriano Felicidad Jones

Birthday - 8/11/96

Country - UK

Siblings - 2 older sisters :)

I like beautiful things. cookies. animals. being alone. being with people . babies being born. it when people smile. followers. confidence. reading. cooking. talking. singing. dancing when I'm alone. disney. dreaming. being catholic. lemonade. hot chocolate. hot weather. cold weather. converse. ugg boots. make-up. people. water. unique things. magazines. being half filipino. shopping. hollister. abercrombie. ed hardy. juicy couture. louis vitton. gucci. doing something new. concerts. my justin bieber tickets. hot summer days.

I like music by taylor swift. mika. the script. paramore. theory of six degrees. lifehouse. jason mraz. take that. fall out boy. eliza doolittle. tiffany alvord. bruno mars. justin bieber.

I dislike ignorence. hypocrits. popularity. snakes.

I love my family. my friends.

If I could be anyone for a day I would be a boy.

If I had unlimeted money they first thing I would do is pay off my mum and dad's mortgage.

If I could meet one person who was in heaven it would be my great nan she was a woman who never gave up and if I could tell you the story I will one day.

The one goal in my life is to be happy.

Maybe this could be a tag hey?
Please do it and tell me :)

Justine x

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Birthday Haul ♥

Hello my lovelies!! :)

I mentioned in my last blog ( which was over a week ago ... naughty Justine!) That I may be doing a birthday haul ( my brithday was on the 8th) and you guys said I should so here it is! There is photo over load so warning ;)

The greatest gift is a card with some thought :) This is the envelope my mum and dad gave me and I thought it was the cutest thing ever!

This was my brithday cakes ... Nom ... :3

I had a little house party with all my closest friends - I am the one second in from the right in the blue dress with flowers :)

So here the bit you have been wait for! The haul! I got many lovely things for my birthday and I am very grateful for all the things people have bought me so THANK YOU EVERYONE! :D

I got these two lovely gifts of my friend Sian! I played just dance with my family and even my dad liked it! I must admit best game ever!!

My lovely friend Niamh ( or nevski darling to me! ) got me this lovely bath set so excited to try it!

I got these lipglosses of my friend Mary! They smell lovely like bubblegum! :)

From the best friend I got sexy motherpucker which is like our lipgloss! Clena on me and flake away which is currently in my tub ... :D

The box that all the photos have been taken on was of Robyn and Poppy from the soap and glory set they got me! It also came with a bubble bath but again it is chilling in my tub!

I got some new tunes! The script and Katy Perry as of my mum and dad and Taylor Swift of my sister Jenna who also bought me two dresses :)

Of my lovely sister Jenielyn, I got posie tint! I was so happy as you guys know it featured in my I want to be a billionaire so freaking bad post so I got it YAY that wasn't the only thing I got from there but onto to that later ... :)

From my lovely parents I got the Ed Hardy original perfume! Sweet goodness! I love it!

I also got ...

WHOOP!! I love it ♥
I also got clothes and my mum is going to New York at the end of the month so she said she shall get me some stuff there as well!

My lovely grandparent bought me these goodies ... I have already eaten a quater of the jelly beans :3

They also bought me this lovely ....

AHHHH I GOT IT!!!!! I was buzzing when I got this and there is quite a story to it so here it goes ...

Once upon a time my loving nanny went out to Chester and looked for the pallete but no luck so she went to Liverpool and bought it! How nice of my nan hey! I told her about it a few months back and she remembered! My mum also got me it and when my nan gave it to me we said we would take my mums one back and exchange it for glowla! My mum said that she gave back the last Urbam Decay Naked Pallete in the UK special or what! ;)

Anyway I know it's been long but I hope you enjoyed! I am really very grateful for all the lovely presents I got!

Justine :) x

Friday, 5 November 2010

FREE Music Consert? Yes please!


I thought you may like to know about something thats going on which includeds The Wanted, Eliza Doolittle, Diva Fever and Same Difference?? Read on!

Well girls in Chesire Oaks they are turning on the christmas tree lights! The people performing are some of the ahead and I think there are more to be confirmed! Unfortunatly I can not go becuase I have to collect and award from my school :(

For more info please check out


Hope you can make it!

Justine x

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Girls! Great news! :)

Well as you may or may not know it is my birthday on monday and me and my dearest mummy were walking around liverpool one and went into debenhams. We were looking for jeans and a winter coat - I got my coat freom next and jeans from dortothy perkins - my mummy decied to buy a pressed powder from este lauder and the whole time we were at the counter I could see urban decay calling my name ... So we went over to the urban decay counter and I swatched the naked pallete they ahd there and the colours were so pretty! I showed my mum and she was like do you like it and I was like YES and then she said I could have it as one of my birthday presents! I walked out of the shop with my gift wrapped pallete buzzing for the rest of the evening! I cant have it until monday but I'm still super happy!!

The lovely girl who helped us said that she had the ones that were out ( about 6 ) and 20 in the back and then there would be no more! So if you guys want it then get down to a place that sells urban decay! ( I was in debenhams in liverpool 1 incase your wondering! )

I was wondering do you guys want a birthday haul??

Love all round!

Justine x

P.S Sorry for no pictures but the laptop wont let me get any :| x