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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Essentials for Summer 2010! :D

Hello My Dear Bloggies :D
Hows it all going??? If you live in the north weast of england Im sure you have felt the heat! Wow I was in school today and I was boiling! I blame my blazer for this .... but as I was dazing around in science I decied that I wanted to blog! I was disturbed by being asked question randomly from my science teacher ... must work on day dreaming face right? ;)

Well If youve been on blogger or a youtube fanatic like moiself you wqould have noticed all these summer videos going around! So I decied to just wham this all into one blog!

First Makeup! I personally think less is more all year round but in summer less less is more! So heres my products!

Gloss + Sun = HEAVEN!

Natural Collection Concealer In Medium! The ONLY face product! Oh yeahhh ;)

Maybelline Waterproof Mascara! Or Just your favourite one in waterproof!

Revlon Vintage Lase just gets rid of oily lids!

Bare Study Paint Pot my love just the perfect colour!

Hair is important!

Messy High Ponys!

L'Oreal Tangle Tamer!


Go natural for summer 2010!

Just some Justine essentials :)

No Summer is complete without Ice Lollies!

Weather its for a sleepover or your dream vacation you need one!

Evain is the best water ever!! We need water no matter what so drink it for summer 2010!

Cooling mist = life saver in hot stick public situations!No need for an explination??

Hehe my summer is not complete with out SPORT DAY!!! :D

Favourite summer 2010 song? Ive been listening to this through making this like 20 times!

California Gurls - Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dog


Hoped you liked it Darling (:

Miss Justine Jones (: x

P.S All picture from google images (:

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Football (:

Hello Bloggies (:

Hows everything going? Hope your all okay ;) Well todays topic is football! I have to admit if you asked if I liked football about 3 weeks ago I would say no but now I love it!!! Its amazing! The world cup has totally inspired me to understand and play football I also love the song my french class had to sing it today in french but hey its a great song ;)

When I get older I will stronger they'll call me freedom just like a waving flag (8)


Hugs all round (:

Miss Justine Jones

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Life in a blog vlog thing (:

Hello bloggies a big blog hug to you all :D

I dont quite know the purpose of this blog yet but hey it will come to something! I guess a blog vlog thing is a blog but mine is a make up blog and youtube make up gurus say vlog when they been blogging so i guess this is a non video vlog which makes no sence but hey!

I think school would be a very good place to start! If you read my previous blog you would have know I went on a retreat with my dear form and had a great time if im honest! I love it! the best thing about my form is it's mixed ... I dont mean boys and girls because where I go thats just normal! But as in cliques ... Yes we have cliques ... I personally am in the middle and Im not just saying that because its the easy way out its very true! I hate them its very annoying we have the people who are reffered to as weirdo which I think is horrid because serious im friends with a few of the people there and most of them are lovely! Then the middle is the biggest its more like everyone is just friends and gets on with life then theres two set of "royalty" i guess theres the people who are nice to all and will welcome everyone then there the people who arent so welcoming and think that can be bossy and mean and get away with murder. My form has everyone I mean the royals hate the form I love my form and the so called weirdos dont really make their opinion clear which I find sad because when they talk to there friends their lovely people ... I guess its high school we all have it but sometimes its just annoying ... My form get reffered to as the spaz form which is totally stupid just because everyone is nice to each other and get along .... phaa i better not go into to much detial .....

So today we had crane day its an enterprise day for the year 8 our my oh so lovely school! And my group won! Whoop i know its the taking part that counts but it felt good! I also loved my group there were boys and girls and all sorts of people from different cliques!

I guess most people would say im friendly and easy to talk to! I talk to anyone and everyone I dont really care who they are I just like to talk its me in a nutshell. Im quite confident as well which helps the talking side a lot also my dream is to be an actress ( shhh ) and im confident in drama because people cannot judge you as your another person when you act ... :D

I must say this blog vlog thing is slightly pointless to all people who are not in high school but I just had to write it and tell my lovely 13 followers - oh I will be holding and 100 follwors giveawya when I get there slowly but surely (: I hope everyone is well and I set you a challenge for tomorrow! Smile at a person who isnt in your group at school or someone in the street and I bet it will make their day :)

Smiles and Hugs all round

Miss Justine Jones :) x

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Retreat 2010 (: OOTD & FOTD

I love this photo (:
These are my friend starting from the left - Sav,Alice,Rach,Lauren,Moiself,Mary,Sian and Niamh
Top - Adam and Joe (:
I went on my yearly retreat today with my school. I do go to a catholic school and yes I believe in God and Yes I believe in heaven (: But anyway our retreats arent where we pray all day ;)
We have to go to a church hall and this year it was the one where I go whenever I go to Mass so I was quite happy! We can all where our clothes so we all made an effort (:
Top - Juicy Couture
Legging - Primark
Cardie - Primark
Neckalse - Juicy Couture
Bracelet - Philippines
And we got to wear make up and our hair down that may not sound big but believe me when you have a school where the slightest bit of shimmer is caught and wipped of or if your hairs down they make you put it up in elastic band .....
Eyes - Bare Study Paint Pot - MAC , Vintage Lase Eyeshadow - Revlon, Soba - MAC and Beauty Rush Mascara - Black (:
Cheeks- Apple Blossom - Molton Brown Blush
Lips - Nivea essentical and Red Delicious - Beauty Rush
So I went in and I loved it (: Reetreat was amazing just chilling, talking , bonding and stuff I loved it (:
I promise more blogs soon (:

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Tag : Lace And Leather - And Musical Sum Up (:

I read this tag in Fern Laura and I thought it pretty cool :) I tag everyone (:

1. Put your MP3 player/ iPod/ iTunes on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write the song name down, no matter how silly it sounds!

Here we go ;)

If someone says ‘is this ok?’ you say: Eh Eh Eh - Lady Gaga

How would you describe yourself? The Best Day - Taylor Swift

What do you like in a guy/girl? If U Seek Amy - Britney Spears

How do you feel today? One Short Day - Wicked

What is your life’s purpose? Dont Stop Believin' - Glee

What is your motto? Quiet - Demi Lovato

What do your friends think of you? The Way I Love You - Taylor Swift

What do your parents think of you? Superstar - Taylor Swift

What do you think about very often? Umbrella - Rhianna & Jay Z

What do you think of the person you like? Life On TV - Ultraviolet

What is your life story? I'm Not That Girl - Wicked

What do you want to be when you grow up? Love Today - Mika

What do you think when you see the person you like? The Wizard and I - Wicked

What will you dance to at your wedding? Don't Make Me Over 0 Glee

What will they play at your funeral? Poker Face - Lady Gaga

What it your hobby/interest? Breakout - Miley Cyrus

What is your biggest fear? Favourite Girl - Justin Bieber

What is your biggest secret? Stepping Stones - Duffy

What do you think of your friends? Never Let You Go - Justine Bieber

What will you post this as? Lace And Leather - Britney Spears

I love music. I couldn't go a day without the stuff :) I love FOB , Mika and LADY GAGA!!! I love my musicals Wicked and The Phantom Of The Opera are my favorites :)

Miss Justine Jones :) x

Collective Haul from half term will be up when I have a chance :)

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Review - Boots Apple and Lime Body Spray

So sorry for 2 reviews in a row but I wrote my top 11 lip products and it deleted its self from me and it was a long and I really cant do another one because Im going to my nans very soon! So this is the boots apple and lime body spray its smells so good! I really like it! Its my scent at school I spray it all the time and its boy approved! Its only £1.99 and they have lots of scents so get the one that right for you :D

Miss Justine Jones x (:

Top 11 Lip Products

Hey Fellow Bloggers (:

Im going to do my top 11 lip products :) Lip, Cheeks and Lashs are what I do pretty much everytime I wear make up so this is a very important vidoe to me. From the picture Im pretty sure you can guess what type of lip I like .... PINK :D I've never tried nude lips and I dont think my NW25 skintone will be the best for concealer lips ... But pink and just of red is so nice! So lets get to it !

Left To Right

Vaseline - I think every single person should have one form of vaseline in there life ... You here about all the expensive balms but when I see it in person its just liek vaseline ... I must admit Im not a raving fan of the regular one simply because the smell is ewwwww! But the green tin , pink tin, yellow tin or even for the lucky americans out there the cherry scented one!!! They are grea it you feel a bit dry and these little tins are great in you make up bag and regaular bag :)

Price - 85p - £1.20 - Everywere really (:

Soft Lips - Wow this is a pretty cool lip balm ... not only does the orginal smell like lemonade it had SPF 20! Its grea for any time of the year but for summer this is great! In the UK they only have vanilla and the original ( from what I have seen anyway ) It's great under any gloss to make it extra smooth!

£ 1.50 ????? not to sure of the price - Boots

Cherry Chapstick - AMAZING! I will repurchase this until I go to the sky! This is my 3rd one in about a year its amazing I take this to school it make my lips super soft and gives a nice colour!

I got mine in a 2 for £2 deal (:

Lip Smacker in Coca Cola Cherry -Tastes AMAZING!!!! Wow it tastes like the name give a wonderful off red colour!! I take this to school but you need something moisturising or your lips will dry a little ...

£2.50 Claires

Beuty Rush Soothing Lip Balms - This lip balm isnt really a lip balm its doesnt moisturise to well but I use this as a gloss (: I have the nudey one and the pinky one and they both give of a wonderful shine (:

$$$??? Victorica Secret

Beauty Rush Lip Balm - This is the lastof the lip balms promise! These are really ncie smell and taste good! Gove of a nice shiney colours great for everyday use!

$$$???? Victoria Secret

Beauty Rush Red Delicious - Wow this is my favourite of favourite lip glosses in the whole wide world!!! It tastes like apples ..... :D YUM! Apples are my favourite scent taste and 4th favourite fruit ( Red Grapes , Starwberries and Philipino Mangos ) So if you ever want to whoo me please just me apples! This gloss has the right amount of glitter without making you look like a glitter ball! Its goes on really well and tastes like .... APPLES!!!! :D


Very Sexy Lipgloss in Wet - This is a perfect brownish colour for me has nil simmer just a nice sheen recommened to everyone!!!


Miko Cat Raspberry Crush Pink Lip Gloss - I got this in a set for a birthday a whole back and it give of a beutiful pink frost that isnt to overpowering I really like this for day wear!

£££??? Present so I dont know

MAC Dazzelglass In Baby Sparks - My baby pink stickness vanila smelling boyfriend! Hehee I love this gives off amazing colours but you get sich a small amount of products for the large price tag .... High End for you ...

£14.50 MAC counters and deparment stores

MAC Lustreglass in Pinkarat - Ive never heard of this anywere on youtube or blogs! So heres a great shoutout to it!Its a really nice mis tone pink with liads of glitter it comes out clearish with gloden glitter lovely!

£12.00 MAC counters and deparment stores

Hope you liked this and please try out some of the products I swear they are worth every last penny!

One last word ......


Miss Justine Jones x (: