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Monday, 31 May 2010

Review - Lush Grease Lighting

This is my review of the grease lighting from lush. ( Sorry for the head turning photo im still learning ... )

What its supposed to do ...

Thyme for tea tree! Brand new, super effective spot zapping face gel, aloe and witch hazel. The thyme, tea tree and rosemary antibacterial infusion dries invisibly and you can feel the witch hazel shrinking mini-volcanoes. Go, Grease Lightning, you can now feel confident enough to rule the school. Or office.

Price - £ 5.10

I think this is the. best . pimple . zapper . ever! Whenever I have a pimple i dotn feel to bad because all I do is put on just before I go to sleep and in the morning it has gone down so much! It doesnt vanish the spot completly but it does make it go down. If i feel a pimple coming I put this on and 9 times out if ten it wont come up to this surface. I have never used this as a toner but I must admit it works as a pimple zapper! I have had my bottle around 8 months and I've only used half the bottle. I know this does work on everyone as gtgirly ( one of my favourite youtubers she does a lot of this about lush! Check her out !) she said it didnt work on her but I think its a product you should try and if it works your very lucky!!

Miss. Justine Jones x (:

Justine Jones were have you been! And NOTD

Hello Bloggers! Sorry for the long break I just slakced and Im very sorry but I have taken lots of pictures and motivated to do more! So I thought I would start of with NOTD! I can only do these posts very seldom due to my oh so grea school rules so there it is :) Its barry m shocking pink and i do quite like it :)
More posts to come
Miss. Justine Jones x

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

My Baby (:

What a beautiful sight :) A Juicy Couture Bag and Purse :) Ahhhh and its mine :) My mum gave it me yesterday and the purse today I was soo happy! I have got a Juicy Couture Bag and a quite a few other designer bags in my collection! This is my bag for summer 2010 I love it love it love it :D

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Haul / Ramble :)

Hello Again I thought today I would do two blogs as there is alot of little things to tell you :)

Im ging tot start with the haul so the picture has some sort of preference :) I still havent found out how to move a picture .......

So my nan and I went to chester yesterday for a little shoppinf trip :) If you read my posts you will know that I had an operation on my mouth - which is alot better and im not in any pain :) So My nan decied a shopping trip was in order nd I came back with alot of loot :)

We first went in to WHSmiths and I ahd a £10 gift card from Christmas left so I decied that I really needed to use it up :) I had just finished reading the last song and I loved the way Nicholas Sparks wrote so I decied I wanted to buy dear john :) I got the last copy so I was pretty happy :) I havent started it yet but it looks good! I then decied it was important for me to get Seventeen magazine whilest I was there so i picked that up and I spent a good hour reading it which taught me some new tips and tricks :) Then I wanted to get my nan the twits books for her birthday! She always calls herself one but its a running family joke so I bought her that as a giggle :)

We then went to lush!!! WHOOP!!! It smelled so good!! I have always liked lush but I have started following the collections since Christmas but have been buying there procudts all my life :D I went in knwoing that I had to pickup a new soap! Im in love with Honey I washed the kids and use it everyday! But I thought that I would like to mix it up a bit and it was between Rockstar and the godmother soap as I wanted a very sweet scent! I decied The Godmother In the end for the simple reason that it smells so much better! Rockstar is nice dont get me wrong but I really do not like one of the undersmells to it im no sure what it is but I couldnt bare it so godmother was the soap forward! It smells just like Snow fairy! I love it I can walk around knowing I smell like a fairy! And also theres blue glitter :O WHOOP!! My family loved the scent too so when I go back I might buy my nan some too :)

We then went to HMV and I was a girl on a mission! My favoruite movie of all time is The Shawshank Redemption! Its brilliant! But I didnt have it on dvd so my lovely nan bought it for me! - I bought everything thats mentioned unless I say it was bought my my nan :) I watched it last night and loved it all over again :)

We then went to BHS and had some lunch :)

After a yummy lunch we were right next door to boots and I had to go! I didnt buy any make up! :O I was so upset! I really wanted the new barry m ice cream shades - the pink one and the yellow one! But thee it was not just regular things that was half stocked! Then I went to revlon and they didnt have vintage lace! So I was not very happy! But then God helped me! I went to get my loreal detangler and it was a buy one get one free ( bogof ) so I got two detanglers for £1.95 I was very happy then and I got a my 3rd cherry chapstick :O I love the stuff for school ;) I forgot to inclued these in the picture but Im sure you know what it looks like! ( Nan bought all of that and the sweets :)

Then we ventured the the old sweet shop in chester and I got some fudge , a lollipop and 100g of pear drops yummy! They have so many old sweets there I love it!!! We then passed through superdrug and I checked the barry m and they didnt have the ice cream collection again!!! So I gave up and we went to chester market!

I had seen a cardy and vest top as we walked through the start of the day and I wanted it! So we went back and I tried it on and It looked lovely! So my nan bought it me for my operation which was so nice of her!!

So I had a lovely day and happy birthday nan for the 11th :)

I have my tests coming in in the next two weeks whoop ...... I did my french test which was okay I think I did okay! But I have my maths tests next week booo maths! Im in top set for it so I must know some things but I really dislike maths its so boring!

Well If youve bought anything nice resently or tryed anything Ive mentioned just comment below :)

Miss. JustineJones :) x

My Late April Favourites 2010 :)

Hello Blog World :)

I havent blogged in a while but there is quite a bit to tell you but I shall inclued that in my haul/ramble :) So April is over and were already in May!!!! :O I cant quite believe it. Ive been in year 8 9 months :O And shall soon be a year nine ( freshmen in america I think ) I cant quite believe how quick it has gone!!

I have a few random products but also make up so here it goes :)

1. The Last Song - Nicholas Sparks ~ Amazing book its one of the ones that make you want to keep reading and then the twists and turns are very good! Highly recommended.

2. Natural Collection Apple and Lime Body Spray - This is one of the nicest scents in the world!! I have smelt many victoria secrets and bath and body works sprays but not one ( maybe love spell ) comes close! It smells like apples and thats all there is to it! All of my friends love it! And so do my guy friend :) Also its ... £1.95!!!!! What a bargin! I have had this one about 2 months and used it so much! My best friend Rachel is on her second bottle of the stuff so alls good there :)

3. Mac Eyelash Curlers ~ I will be doing a seperate review on these but they are amazing!

4. Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study - This is most roberly one of the most famous paint pots ever and so it should be! It is a lovely natural colour that can work on anyone!

5. Natural Collection Cover Up Cream in Medium ~ It covers up my blemishes and hides some of the redness on my nose perfectly giving me just the right amoutn of coverage for a no make up look which is what I need :)

6. Spounge tipped brushes - Now I have a good amount of proper brushes that apply concleaer really well but none compare to my little hello kitty spounge! It dabs the concealer on to your skin perfectly and doesnt take away alot of product which I found with my Mac Concealer brush! So before chucking your eyeshadow brush that comes with your pallet away just try it with a bit of concealer :)

7. Beauty Rush Mascara in Ja-Va-Voom! ~ Amazing mascara sepreates and does eveything I want my lashes to do :)

8. Beauty Rush Double Balmstick in Berry Blender - Gives of a wearable bright pink and I took it to school and I got loads of compliments :) Also its a balm which goves of great pigmentation! What more could you want!

9. Johnsons Baby Powder in Pink Blossoms ~ Smells Lovely and works great on my skin :)

There you go hope this helped some how :)

Sunday, 2 May 2010

My Nail Polish Collection

The long awaited nail polish collection (: I know its small but I have only been collection make up and sorts for a short time (: I really love glitter and pink on nails all year round but in the winter I love deep red like the revlon on I have (:

Heres the names of them all starting in the top left corner :

Barry M - Shocking Pink 272

Barry M - Basecoast,Topcoast and nail hardener 54

Revlon - Cherry Crush 760

Chic Classic - Ice Ice Candy Glaze

Ever Bileva - Praline

Bobbie - Aqua

Natural Collection - Clear - Added Pigment

Natural Collection - Raspberry

Line 2

Got it in a Charlie gift set

Sephoras own brand M20

Sephoras Own Brand M21

Nails Inc - Got it in a magazine a while back

Sephora By OPI - How many carats? SE 040

MAC - Silkwing - Sheer - Limited edition

MAC - Wham Bam Glam - Matte - Limited Edition

MAC - N Colour - Cream - Limited Edition

Victoria's Secret - Tutu - 9CN

Victoria's Secret - Hot Stuff -9FN

My favourite nail polish is How many carats because its a nice forumal amnd can be used all year round.

I dislike the sephoras brand because its very liquidy and not a good formula.

Miss.Justine Jones

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Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Op (:

I know I promised the nail polish collection but I think my blog should be one beauty one ramble so on ... Well I had the operation!!! OMG MY MOUTH IS IN PAIN :O Okay so basiclly I went in and me and my parent played scrable until I was called and I choose to have the needle for anestheic because even though I dont rave about them I relised that it wouldnt smell and I wanted to experence the ' lovely feeling' of it going up your arm ..... The staff at the countess of chester in the childrens ward are the nicest people I have ever met they all have cheerful personalites and they are always with you (: My ward nurse was grayham he was lovely really funny and friendly hon the day ward there was me , two other girls and one boy. I felt really sorry for the boy because he as getting very scared about having the anestheic and because he had watched a hospital show - causualty or something like that the person must have not woken up due to the anistetic and he was worried about not waking up so the staff took him out oif the ward nad gave him something to carm him down but I later found out that he couldnt have his operation so if he reads this or anyone whos had that experience dont be afraid the anistetic hurts but it really isnt bad and trust me Im living proof that you wake up! (: So as I said me and the anestheic lady decied that I would have the needle if she could find a nice vain ;) She found one in my left hand and decied that there would be the best place ...

I had had numbing cream on for about and hour and a half so I would only feel a scratch .... Yeah I felt it .... It hurt like a needle in your left hand would but that was okay but the worse was the drug going in I could feel that and there was so much of it and it really hurt me ! I was crying in the room but all the staff in there ( the lady who gave me the anesthetic,my surgeon,grayham,a male assistent and my mum ) were being really friendly and supportive and they kept asking me stuff but I started crying ... I had promised myself that I wouldnt cry but I was in pain then it hit me what if i didnt wake up what if I died and it was a pretty grim thought ... the last thing I remember was my mum saying dont cry baby its okay now what ice cream flavour do you want vanilla? and I remember saying anything but chocolate ...

I woke up and I didnt feel were the hell am I but I could hear a nruse who I had never seen before talking to grayham was there and the surgeon and according to my mum the anesthetic lady was there and mum herself the first thing was can I feel my bottom teeth I bit slightly and I could feel my nerves the next thing is my lip okay it was numb but I was okay about that but hoose tow thoughts were there for less than a few second then the crying started again ( I was told this was due to my personal reaction to the drug ) and the I looked around and I was saying weres my dad ? DAD! Then I must have gone for a second and he was there with grayham ( npw dont tell anyone this bit but he looked like he was about to cry ... shhhh ;) Then I stopped crying and I was waking up! The the surgon spoke to me and said Heres the tooth (: Because me being me wanted the tooth so before I started crying befor the op I had requested that I wasnted the tooth and he said I will see what I cant do ;) And he got it so Thank you very very much (: The tooth is just off and inch long which may seem long but dont forget we dont see all out teeth when we look in our mouth just the top layer ;) ( paying attension in science can be useful ! ) I said thank you to him and He said to my mum and dad that he wont have to see again so I said thank you and goodbye then I was wheeled back to the ward on my bed (:

When I got back grayham said go to sleep if you want dont worry about anything you were very brave nad then my mum and dad were just looking after me (: I was the second one to go down so when I came back one of the girls were there and she was asleep but as I was pretty alert she started talking to my parent and she said her daughther , chole had the gas because she was frightened of needles so she had a VERY different reaction to me she told us that she woke up aand was very violent and the she was poorly ... Poor chole :( I felt really sorry for her because she had had 4 teeth out for braces and she was only 11 then the choles mum said that I had done really well because I was sitting up at this point wanting to get out! The chloe started to wake a bit and she sat up a little but didnt talk much. Then grayham came back and he said right ewes to do you want so ice cream and we both said yes because everyone whos goes in for a operation must eat something before leaving so I thought ice cream okay better than toast ... so he gave us both a small pot of vanilla ice cream I ate all mine thinking I can go home when its done but Chloe couldnt keep it down and was poorly again I felt so sorry for her because she was such a nice girl :( Then grayham cam back and I said can I go home now and he said not just yet you need to eat something and I go but I just ate the ice cream and he said that was the treat! So what would you like to eat? I wanted pizza but I knew that was out of the question! So I just said the toast because Rachel or Moose as I call her ;) Told me she had that when she had her tonsils out so I was like what the hey! And it was the nicest toast ever!!!!!! Hehe so I had that then my dad bought grayham some chocolate and I gave that to him and he was chuffed! So we said our byes he game some painkillers and I left (:

Just over 24 hours later .... I feel in pain and swollan buts its okay I was exspecting it so I'm not dying or anything (: My friend noah came round and he gave me teddy and a get well 'now' card which I found so funny ;)

Just some quick disclaimers :

1. We all react differently to everythimg my pain my not be like yours
2. Anestheic is different on all people so dont be afraid it good stuff you wont feel a thing :)
3. Hospitals arent scary they make you better (:

Now I would like to take some some time to thank all the people who worked with me in the countess of chester this year and all the peoplw who looked after my family as my both of my gradparents have been there in the past 12 months

Miss.Justine Jones x (: