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Saturday, 25 September 2010

A new page ...

Well this blog has just failed right! :( That makes me really sad! Its been 2 m0nths since our last update but I'm back and ready! I have decied that I am going to use this blog as more of a everyday diary thing instead of make up ... I will still post haul's and if anyone wants a review I will do it but I was think of maybe doing a new style just everyday things ....

So for my first go at this new me I want topost about the justin bieber jasmine villegas case .. I think it's pretty cute ... last night me and my best friend were seriosuly going of the guy but after a nights sleep I'm happy for him so I hope the rumours are true :)

This week I have been at school .... yay I must admit I prefere year 9 to all the years I have had so far in my high school because I don't feel intimidated by people as much anymore ... but I remember being in year 7 and being so scared of the year 9's so I will not use this new found "power" to be like that ...

Being in year 9 also mean options ... What to pick hey? I want to be a dermatoligist currently so I was think of picking double science, history, drama and spanish or french ... What do think guys?

Hope your all well



  1. When i was in year 9, i picked triple science, art, DIDA and spanish! Good luck with picking yours! Im in year 11 now, and love the power as well hehe, we are the oldest people in uniform yay! Haha :) xx


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