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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Haul / Ramble :)

Hello Again I thought today I would do two blogs as there is alot of little things to tell you :)

Im ging tot start with the haul so the picture has some sort of preference :) I still havent found out how to move a picture .......

So my nan and I went to chester yesterday for a little shoppinf trip :) If you read my posts you will know that I had an operation on my mouth - which is alot better and im not in any pain :) So My nan decied a shopping trip was in order nd I came back with alot of loot :)

We first went in to WHSmiths and I ahd a £10 gift card from Christmas left so I decied that I really needed to use it up :) I had just finished reading the last song and I loved the way Nicholas Sparks wrote so I decied I wanted to buy dear john :) I got the last copy so I was pretty happy :) I havent started it yet but it looks good! I then decied it was important for me to get Seventeen magazine whilest I was there so i picked that up and I spent a good hour reading it which taught me some new tips and tricks :) Then I wanted to get my nan the twits books for her birthday! She always calls herself one but its a running family joke so I bought her that as a giggle :)

We then went to lush!!! WHOOP!!! It smelled so good!! I have always liked lush but I have started following the collections since Christmas but have been buying there procudts all my life :D I went in knwoing that I had to pickup a new soap! Im in love with Honey I washed the kids and use it everyday! But I thought that I would like to mix it up a bit and it was between Rockstar and the godmother soap as I wanted a very sweet scent! I decied The Godmother In the end for the simple reason that it smells so much better! Rockstar is nice dont get me wrong but I really do not like one of the undersmells to it im no sure what it is but I couldnt bare it so godmother was the soap forward! It smells just like Snow fairy! I love it I can walk around knowing I smell like a fairy! And also theres blue glitter :O WHOOP!! My family loved the scent too so when I go back I might buy my nan some too :)

We then went to HMV and I was a girl on a mission! My favoruite movie of all time is The Shawshank Redemption! Its brilliant! But I didnt have it on dvd so my lovely nan bought it for me! - I bought everything thats mentioned unless I say it was bought my my nan :) I watched it last night and loved it all over again :)

We then went to BHS and had some lunch :)

After a yummy lunch we were right next door to boots and I had to go! I didnt buy any make up! :O I was so upset! I really wanted the new barry m ice cream shades - the pink one and the yellow one! But thee it was not just regular things that was half stocked! Then I went to revlon and they didnt have vintage lace! So I was not very happy! But then God helped me! I went to get my loreal detangler and it was a buy one get one free ( bogof ) so I got two detanglers for £1.95 I was very happy then and I got a my 3rd cherry chapstick :O I love the stuff for school ;) I forgot to inclued these in the picture but Im sure you know what it looks like! ( Nan bought all of that and the sweets :)

Then we ventured the the old sweet shop in chester and I got some fudge , a lollipop and 100g of pear drops yummy! They have so many old sweets there I love it!!! We then passed through superdrug and I checked the barry m and they didnt have the ice cream collection again!!! So I gave up and we went to chester market!

I had seen a cardy and vest top as we walked through the start of the day and I wanted it! So we went back and I tried it on and It looked lovely! So my nan bought it me for my operation which was so nice of her!!

So I had a lovely day and happy birthday nan for the 11th :)

I have my tests coming in in the next two weeks whoop ...... I did my french test which was okay I think I did okay! But I have my maths tests next week booo maths! Im in top set for it so I must know some things but I really dislike maths its so boring!

Well If youve bought anything nice resently or tryed anything Ive mentioned just comment below :)

Miss. JustineJones :) x


  1. hey, if you want to move a picture down your post just go onto the edit HTML link beside the compose one when you're writing the post and it is like the link of the picture, just cut the link and paste it where you want it in your post and volia, hopefully that made sense >.<

  2. heyy, I didn't realise you could buy seventeen in the UK, where from and how much is it? :) x

  3. @Abby thanks Ive finally learnt! :) x

    @ Harriet You can get it at WHSmiths :) x


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