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Sunday, 9 May 2010

My Late April Favourites 2010 :)

Hello Blog World :)

I havent blogged in a while but there is quite a bit to tell you but I shall inclued that in my haul/ramble :) So April is over and were already in May!!!! :O I cant quite believe it. Ive been in year 8 9 months :O And shall soon be a year nine ( freshmen in america I think ) I cant quite believe how quick it has gone!!

I have a few random products but also make up so here it goes :)

1. The Last Song - Nicholas Sparks ~ Amazing book its one of the ones that make you want to keep reading and then the twists and turns are very good! Highly recommended.

2. Natural Collection Apple and Lime Body Spray - This is one of the nicest scents in the world!! I have smelt many victoria secrets and bath and body works sprays but not one ( maybe love spell ) comes close! It smells like apples and thats all there is to it! All of my friends love it! And so do my guy friend :) Also its ... £1.95!!!!! What a bargin! I have had this one about 2 months and used it so much! My best friend Rachel is on her second bottle of the stuff so alls good there :)

3. Mac Eyelash Curlers ~ I will be doing a seperate review on these but they are amazing!

4. Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study - This is most roberly one of the most famous paint pots ever and so it should be! It is a lovely natural colour that can work on anyone!

5. Natural Collection Cover Up Cream in Medium ~ It covers up my blemishes and hides some of the redness on my nose perfectly giving me just the right amoutn of coverage for a no make up look which is what I need :)

6. Spounge tipped brushes - Now I have a good amount of proper brushes that apply concleaer really well but none compare to my little hello kitty spounge! It dabs the concealer on to your skin perfectly and doesnt take away alot of product which I found with my Mac Concealer brush! So before chucking your eyeshadow brush that comes with your pallet away just try it with a bit of concealer :)

7. Beauty Rush Mascara in Ja-Va-Voom! ~ Amazing mascara sepreates and does eveything I want my lashes to do :)

8. Beauty Rush Double Balmstick in Berry Blender - Gives of a wearable bright pink and I took it to school and I got loads of compliments :) Also its a balm which goves of great pigmentation! What more could you want!

9. Johnsons Baby Powder in Pink Blossoms ~ Smells Lovely and works great on my skin :)

There you go hope this helped some how :)


  1. I lovveeee, natural collection body sprays, the vanilla one is my fav, its amazing! :) x

  2. Hehe :) I want to try that one! ALso the purple one is on my list to try ;) x


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