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Saturday, 10 July 2010

A little bit of a rant .....

Hello again!

Okay bloggies im sorry to have to do this but I dont know what to say! I was watching a video recently and the girls said she was filipino and I am half filipino - hence going on holiday there this summer - anyway I commented saying "your philipino ahh cool I am too - half britsih half philippino when was the last time you went there" okay spelling mistake we all make them lets be fair I didnt realise until I just signed in on youtube - which has no videos sadly - and i had a comment email and thsi si what someone replied ... you sure you're filipino? You can't even spell filipino right... It's filipino not "philipino".

I.am.so.annoyed .... have you seen harry potter when herminone is telling ron how to say the the flying spell - my spelling is bad enough to attepmt it - it was a moment like that!

I thought youtube was like a family were people shared things :( It's really made me quite upset beucase she was questioning me the little horrid person! I know right now I sound silly but it really hurt! I'm not exactly going to lie about who I am! I'm the one in class making people be who they are and embrace it! Its really stressed me out! She didn't even say it in a nice way she could have put something like " youve been in england to long ;) it's filipino not philipino" I would have laughed at that and said sorry but I deleted my comment and thats that!

I think is the main reason I'm not uploading videos purely because I'm not sure if the horrid comment would overtake everything ...I think blogger is the way forward and I just want to say sorry for all the spelling mistake i have and ever will make

Miss Justine Jones x


  1. That is definately unfair, I dont understand why or how some people can be so mean to others!
    Oh and I have just done a TAG post where I tagged you :)

  2. aww bless ya! who was the youtuber? dnt let it bother ya, people get a hella lot of pissy moments so flick it off :) xxx


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