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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Hello again my lovelys!! Update and Haulage!

Hello darlings!

How everyone going? My life has been pretty hecktic at the moment! Since my very in the past blog i've been to lourdes ... wow experience and a half! I'm not going to go on to much about it but if you go there your life will get better its so humbling :) I've also been at the oh loving school which has been really good at the moment! I finish on the 21st and then im off to the philippines and dubai for 3 weeks! If anyone can recommened places to see i dubai please please do! We are staying in the atlantis so anywere near there as we really want to be able to see dubai as its our first time as a family! There wont be many blogs in that time but I'm going to blog loads now and then maybe a few when I'm away! Also big haul when I get back because in the philippines they have elf and covergirl! That brings me on to the lovely Jody! She hauled the complexion perfection powder and I asked her to a review as I trust her opions and she did! Its was so sweet of her and she even linked me in it to so thank you Jody and heres her blog :) http://byjodys.blogspot.com/

So now I have a collective haul ... Its not very much at all but i've had no time for shopping : yes ive been busy all the time and I cant even go this weekend because its my best friends party today and its a sleepover! But no fear I'm going shopping with my sister next weekend so that will be fun!

Sorry for the head turning photo but my uploader just failed : So I bought that coral t-shirt from chesire oaks as im not buying the coral lips this season so a t-shirt is my lips ;) Then I bought vintage lase a while back and i love it! Revlon never seem to let me down eye wise and I think Im going to purcase more. Under that I bought the infamous peach satin mousse blush! It is a really nice pink with quite alot of shimmer so keep that in mind if you are going to get it :) Then underneath the product im buzzing about! NYX MOSAIC POWERDER BLUSH! Oh yea they have nyx here in the uk ... well kinda ... I was at chesire oaks and i went into the revlon outlet shop and I saw this baby for £2! What a steel its in the colour plummy and you can mix them all together or use half of the pallete for a light pink cheek or the other for a darker plummy cheek! I then picked up the galmour benefit issue and picked the eye bright beucase i dont use black eyeliner and the it stick I heard was for people with fair skin and im nw25 from mac ... then my last item is Barry m's bright red! The name says it all for this and its a lovely summer colour!

So to the end of my blog! Has anyone got any nicolas sparkes recommendations? Im going to teh philippine sas you know andthe book sthere are quite inexpensive and im a lover of his books! I have the last song, dear john and a walk to remember!

Love you all!

Miss Justine Jones x :)


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