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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Tag - Three Things :)

Here I am again! I tried to do this last night but dearest mother said enough was enough at 12.17 … well I having a writers break and looking at some blog and I found raspberry kiss. I saw she had done this tag which I found very interesting!

I was reading through some of her posts and this tag made me think

“how much fun!”

To make this a little more me I’ve decide to take the orginal tag and add 1 more question! And then anyone I tag will add there own then the people they tag will! Hope you do it!
Three names I go by
Three places I have lived
1. Cheshire
3.Chesire - Never moved ;)
Three favourite drinks
1. Evain - Best.water.ever
2. Sprite - Fizzy Goodness
3. Mcdonalds Strawberry Milkshake - For the kid inside me :)
Three TV shows I watch
1. Glee! - yes im a gleek :)
2. Despertae housewives - Ive been to the set in LA :)
3. Gossip Girl - I watched the first series at a friend and I'm hooked! Chase Crawford :D
Three places I have been
1. LA - Shopping City!
2. Las Vagas - I really liked it there was stuff for me to do and not just full of casinos :)
3. Philippines - Family :)
Three places I would like to visit
1. New York - I've been to the airport but that doesn't count right?
2. Austraila
3. Rome
Three people who text me regularly
1. Rachel - Best Friend :) also goes by the name moose ;)
2. Hollie
3. Joe - Good friend :)
Three Favourite Old TV Shows
1. Friends - come on we've all seen it :)
2. Scooby Doo - Ahh makes me smile everytime :)
3. Tweenies!
Three Favorite Dishes
1. Pansit - Philippines noodle dish :)
2. Lamb Roast Dinner - Yum!
3. Pizza - School Pizza is amazing seriously!
Three makeup products I cannot live without
1. Concealer - My holy grail make up product :)
2. Lip Balm - So many people count this as make up so this is a must!
3. Mascara
Three Things I'm Looking Forward to
1. Doing my GCSE's - I actually am looking forward to this!
2. Getting married - Far off but hey!
3. Having a family - :)
Okay now my question :)
Three favoruite films
1. The Shawshank Redemption - Get busy living or get busy dying quote of my life :)
2. Slumdog Millionaire - I'm raeding the book this summer :)
3. Angus , Thongs and Perfect snogging - Ace film ;)
Well I hope you enjoyed it!
I tag these lovely people In particular
and anyone who wants to do it :)
Have Fun!
Miss Justine Jones x (:


Thank you for commenting darlings :)