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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Girls! Great news! :)

Well as you may or may not know it is my birthday on monday and me and my dearest mummy were walking around liverpool one and went into debenhams. We were looking for jeans and a winter coat - I got my coat freom next and jeans from dortothy perkins - my mummy decied to buy a pressed powder from este lauder and the whole time we were at the counter I could see urban decay calling my name ... So we went over to the urban decay counter and I swatched the naked pallete they ahd there and the colours were so pretty! I showed my mum and she was like do you like it and I was like YES and then she said I could have it as one of my birthday presents! I walked out of the shop with my gift wrapped pallete buzzing for the rest of the evening! I cant have it until monday but I'm still super happy!!

The lovely girl who helped us said that she had the ones that were out ( about 6 ) and 20 in the back and then there would be no more! So if you guys want it then get down to a place that sells urban decay! ( I was in debenhams in liverpool 1 incase your wondering! )

I was wondering do you guys want a birthday haul??

Love all round!

Justine x

P.S Sorry for no pictures but the laptop wont let me get any :| x


  1. Aww how lucky :D A birthday haul would be fab! x

  2. of course! A birthday haul! hehehe ;]
    Happy early birthday for you!
    & Just wondering, is 'liverpool' the suburb in australia or a town in another country LOL :$

  3. @ Christina - Thank you hun! I shall be doing a birthday haul now! :) xx

    @Deerest - Thank you lovely! Haul on it's way! Liverpool is a town in the UK :) xx

  4. My bday is on sunday the day before yous!!! well happy early bday



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