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Friday, 5 November 2010

FREE Music Consert? Yes please!


I thought you may like to know about something thats going on which includeds The Wanted, Eliza Doolittle, Diva Fever and Same Difference?? Read on!

Well girls in Chesire Oaks they are turning on the christmas tree lights! The people performing are some of the ahead and I think there are more to be confirmed! Unfortunatly I can not go becuase I have to collect and award from my school :(

For more info please check out


Hope you can make it!

Justine x


  1. awwh, sounds like fun!
    Just found your blog, it's lovely! Im follwingg (: check my blog out! :]

  2. Thank you furkie!! I shall check your blog out now :)! x

  3. sorry its taken me so long to follow you - have done so just now! xxxxxx

  4. sounds awsome :)
    i loveee the wanted :)
    going to meet them on the 27th of this month XD
    cant waittt !!

    check out my blog?

    im following too ;D


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