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Friday, 19 November 2010

Introducing me ... :)

Hello Sweeties!

Thank you so much to the new followers! I cant believe that 35 of you are interested i what I weite about! When I get to 50 I promise a giveaway! Well today my lovelies I though I would write about well ... me! It find it cool how people on here are bonded by one thing or another but they may not actually know the person so I though here's a fact file about me :)

Name - Justine Maureen Soriano Felicidad Jones

Birthday - 8/11/96

Country - UK

Siblings - 2 older sisters :)

I like beautiful things. cookies. animals. being alone. being with people . babies being born. it when people smile. followers. confidence. reading. cooking. talking. singing. dancing when I'm alone. disney. dreaming. being catholic. lemonade. hot chocolate. hot weather. cold weather. converse. ugg boots. make-up. people. water. unique things. magazines. being half filipino. shopping. hollister. abercrombie. ed hardy. juicy couture. louis vitton. gucci. doing something new. concerts. my justin bieber tickets. hot summer days.

I like music by taylor swift. mika. the script. paramore. theory of six degrees. lifehouse. jason mraz. take that. fall out boy. eliza doolittle. tiffany alvord. bruno mars. justin bieber.

I dislike ignorence. hypocrits. popularity. snakes.

I love my family. my friends.

If I could be anyone for a day I would be a boy.

If I had unlimeted money they first thing I would do is pay off my mum and dad's mortgage.

If I could meet one person who was in heaven it would be my great nan she was a woman who never gave up and if I could tell you the story I will one day.

The one goal in my life is to be happy.

Maybe this could be a tag hey?
Please do it and tell me :)

Justine x


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