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Saturday, 22 January 2011

So this week .....

Hello Darlings!

How are you doing this fine January day? Well I haven't blogged at all all week :( It makes me sad but I just did not have the time! I have been doing all my exams over the past two weeks and there has barely been enough time to sit down!

So on Monday it was my dad's Birthday :) I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want his age all over my blog so lets just say he isn't a day over 21 :')

Then on tuesday life was pretty boring that I can'y even remembered what happend! Then on wednesday it was the greatest day ever .... I got a 7B in maths exam! OMGOSH! I was beyond the moon ... Now for anyone who is thinking ermmm what does that mean? Well in schools in the UK you basically get marked with a number and an a,b or c and I am in year 8 so you normally get a range of numbers ( 4,5,6,7 and 8) due to me being a little bit of a nerd I am in set one for English, Maths, Science and French so I am exspected to get 6,7 or 8 :) Only one boy in the class got an 8c ( my next door nieghbour Pat Lah ) so we were well chuffed for him :) But for the last 2 years I had got a 6B whihc is below adverage for me so when I got the 7B I was so excited! My chinese maths teacher said that " I believe in you" so that was pretty funny :)

Then on thursday it was my mum's birthday and that was pretty sweet we went for dinner and it was cool :) Then friday I came in from school and slept :D

I actaully recieved a MASSIVE parcel from my Nan in Greece full of there avon make up (oriflame) so I will have to do a haul with that as I got some stuff that's really nice :)

I know I said in my last post about a little giveaway so I will try and sort that out as soon as possible :) I have already managed to get together a few little things :)

Hope your all well :)

Justine x

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