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Monday, 3 January 2011

Christmas Haul! :)

Hello Darling's!

Well I geuss this is a bit of self explanitry post! I have realised that all I have posted resently is hauls! So for all the guys who aren't the biggest fan of hauls , I'm sorry and if you have any idea please comment down below :)

So onto the haul!

Make Up and Brushes :)

This chrismtas I actually got quite a few lip products and all of these are from friends or family and I was pretty cuffed with what I got!

Then I got these little things ... A sephora by OPI nail polsih! Ohh exciting stuff! Thnen I got two victoria secret mascara's, a ted baker palette and glitter shimmer which came with the two nivea lip gloss's!

Then my nan bought me these make up brushes which are actually pretty amazing! I was so happy when I felt how soft they were and I was planning on getting the eco tools travel set beucase of my travel's but this was perfect!!

Bath and Smellie Stuff!

I was extremly happy with the stuff I was given smellie wise! I was so excited when I saw that I got the victoria secret body stuff and then I got the lush and impluse stuff!

In my class we do secret santa so of my very secret santa, Martyn, he bought me this little bath set and it smells fabulous!

Then my perfume!! AHHH DKNY fresh ... hmmm heaven in a ... bottle ... maybe apple? :)


Well the big present of my nan was this babyliss hair curler! I can't wait to experiment! :D - Every year my nan gets me presents that match my age so this year it was 14 and we starte this when I was about 9 but this year had to be the best! I also got some scratch cards as well from her and of cource in ture Jones fashion we won £0! :)

Then here are some very random randoms! I had been needing gloves, as just before the winter I threw out all my old gloves and I hinted to my nan that I really wanted a pair of thoose mitten gloves with peep glove bits and I was so happy to get some! Then I got a hair brush and lot's of other little bit's!

And of cource I had to have food! NOM! I mean you have to get something food related for christmas :')

Then the best look present ... Justin Bieber's calender 2011 ... :) 67 days til the concert :D

Well I hope you all had a fab Christmas and have an amazing new year!

Justine :) x


  1. hey hunnie I've tried this twice now and for some reason your blog hates me lol! I gave you an award yesterday :) xxx http://secretsbehindtheclosetdoor.blogspot.com/2011/01/versatile-blogger-award.html

  2. Oh no! My blog msut be being naughty! Thank you SO much for the award! :D xx


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