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Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Sunday with Mother - Haul :)

Hello Darlings!

Well today my mom and I decied to take a little trip into town to leave my dad at home to chill :)

First we went into WHSmiths and that was a ciplete fail. I was looking for the vanity fair magazine and I found it but when I saw the £4.20 price tag I was like you know what I love Justin Bieber but I would rather buy something more useful than a three page interview :| so that wasn't the best start! Then I was looking for Lauren Conrads book of style and I found it but realised I had forgetten the voucher for it! Then I checked out that stationary section and bought this button file because I have to do a project for english and our teacher said we need a file or detension! So I thought this one was cute and quirky for 77p and that started the better part of the day :)

Then we made our way to Jack Wills which is a shop I am pretty fond of :) My Mom said I could buy any nail polish I wanted so I picked this one which is called burgendy(£6)and it is the type of colour I wear on my toes and I think it would look great on my finger nail's too :)

Then we headed to Zara! Now I always thought taht Zara was a shop for "posh" ladies, so when my mom took me in there I thought we were looking for something for her as she buys clothes there but when we realised that there was a sale we went a bit made and I ended up taking about 8 items into the changing room and I ened up coming home with these little treasures :)

This photo does not give the top justice but it looks really nice on and goes in, in all the right places and it shall be paired with shorts or jeans in my collection :) And it was a bargin at £3.99!

This top just popped out to me! I really liked it when I saw it and the print was so bright and just reminded me of summer so for £3.99 it was great!

Now this is most proberly the kost boring jumper ever but I am so excited! I have wanted to get a fitted jumper for school since I went back and realised my cardi was far to big for me and when I saw this is just loved it! And for £9.99 I wasn't going to complain!

Then after two weeks of waiting I managed to get my hands on the fabulous set from models own! I haven't even swatched it yet but it seems great for just two pounds :)

I hope you liked this - If you would like any reviwes please feel free to comment below :)

Justine xx


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  2. Very cute stuff you got there! I love that pink shirt! :)

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  4. Your blog's so cute! I love that 'fabulous' set! Kicking myself for not saving vouchers =(
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  5. I love fitted jumpers, and the blouse is so cute!! :)

  6. love the polka dot stationary!

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