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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Essentials for Summer 2010! :D

Hello My Dear Bloggies :D
Hows it all going??? If you live in the north weast of england Im sure you have felt the heat! Wow I was in school today and I was boiling! I blame my blazer for this .... but as I was dazing around in science I decied that I wanted to blog! I was disturbed by being asked question randomly from my science teacher ... must work on day dreaming face right? ;)

Well If youve been on blogger or a youtube fanatic like moiself you wqould have noticed all these summer videos going around! So I decied to just wham this all into one blog!

First Makeup! I personally think less is more all year round but in summer less less is more! So heres my products!

Gloss + Sun = HEAVEN!

Natural Collection Concealer In Medium! The ONLY face product! Oh yeahhh ;)

Maybelline Waterproof Mascara! Or Just your favourite one in waterproof!

Revlon Vintage Lase just gets rid of oily lids!

Bare Study Paint Pot my love just the perfect colour!

Hair is important!

Messy High Ponys!

L'Oreal Tangle Tamer!


Go natural for summer 2010!

Just some Justine essentials :)

No Summer is complete without Ice Lollies!

Weather its for a sleepover or your dream vacation you need one!

Evain is the best water ever!! We need water no matter what so drink it for summer 2010!

Cooling mist = life saver in hot stick public situations!No need for an explination??

Hehe my summer is not complete with out SPORT DAY!!! :D

Favourite summer 2010 song? Ive been listening to this through making this like 20 times!

California Gurls - Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dog


Hoped you liked it Darling (:

Miss Justine Jones (: x

P.S All picture from google images (:


  1. Love messy high ponys :)

  2. Great post :) love all of the natural collection products :)

    btw I have done the review on ELF complextion perfection that you asked for and I also linked your blog on it :) x


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