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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas Haul - Part 1 :)

Hello Darlings!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Santa gave you everything you wanted :')

I know that this title make's me sound a bit spolied but I have a reason! I lierally have opened 3 presents :D I am having my Christmas on new year's day with my sister's at my house because my Mom wanted us all to be together when we open our presents so I shall just have to wait! :)

So onto my haul :)

The first bit of the haul isn't really a haul ... yeah that makes no sence what so ever but my big present from mr clause was my holiday to Rome ... It was beautiful guys ... My Mom especially enjoyed it because she saw the Pope when he was making his Christmas day speech ... The food in Rome was out of this world :D Well here are some snap's of my holiday :)

Moi and Mom

Moi and Dad

My Mom and Dad <3

Before I got there I opened my ugg boot's! Oh I love them! I have alway's loved ugg's and this is my 5th pair :) They are so warm and comfy!

Then on Chistmas morning I open these two lovely t-shirt's ... :D

Oh gosh I buzzed for ages of the I <3 NY t-shirt for ages!

I also got some Abercrombie jegging's and a aeropostale hoodie which are cureently being washed :)

Whilest I was in Rome I actually only bought two thing's :)

My Jesus Bracelet

And My purple pashmina - You could buy these everywhere there were street sellers all over and I got two for 10 euros after haggeling :)

Today I went shopping! And lush was there in all of it's smellness calling me inside!

Girl's if you like bath's go to Lush tomorrow and buy as much as you can! I only bought 2 things which all of it came to £3.99 when it would normal be about £9!

2 creamy candy bubble bars - both of them for £2.35

Chunk of angles delight for £1.64 :D

SO I was very very happy! :D

Hauls are my favoruite post's ever to read and to write so if any of you guys have a haul you would like me to read then please just link it below :) I know this sounds weird but most bloggers don't like it when people link there blog's below but I love it so link away :)

Part 2 coming in the new year :)

Hope your well :D

Justine x

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