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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Mini Christmas Haul :)

Hello Darlings!

Well have you seen the snow! We just got our dose in the north west and it's so white and crisp! One couldn't enjoy the snow with making snowmen or throwing snowballs oh no I went christmas shopping! Yes the final weekend and I did everything! My Nan and I were women on a mission! We shopped from 10.45 til 4.45!
I managed to get everything I wanted and they are now all wrapped under my tree!

And of cource I got my friends and my extremly hot body looking abercrombie model will assist me tomorrow when I hand them out!

Now when I go on a shopping trip for other I just can't help picking up a few little things for myself!

Now a trip to Chester wouldn't be complete without me getting some sweets! I am in LOVE with Wonka sweets they just taste super yummy and rainbow dust is just a classic!

I went into Primani and picked up 3 things! I loved these clips becuase I always ware bows or roses to school in my hair and there were just to cute to pass for £1! I always seem to run out of bobbles so these's were just handy for another pound!

I then saw this skirt ... Now I dont normally go for clothes like this but I just thought with black tights and a white top it might be nice for a party? What do you think? Again it was reduced from £4 to £1!

Now these were the highlights of my trip! I really wanted to get vaseline in a stick! I <3 vaseline but the whole finger dipping thing is just not practical when your in school so that was heaven to me and it was around £1.50! Then I got the nivea one in a set which was just fab as I had run out and this is great under any lip product! Then my Jack Wills pen :) £1 again and work's amazingly!

Well girlies hope you enjoyed this post! I shall try to get another post up before I fly to Rome on the 24th :)

Until next time darling's :)

Justine :) xx


  1. Oh I love that skirt and what a bargain :) I think it would look great with tights and a white top... When you have an item like that you wanna keep the focus on it xxx

  2. Hehe thanks Charli! I thought that because it is quite a bold skirt :) xxx


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