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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas x

Hey my festive darling's!

I can't quite believe it's christmas eve eve! Crazy stuff hey ...

Well the point of this post isn't to advertise Santa or snow but to just remind you of how lucky you are.

One of my best guy friend's dad died today due to slipping over on the ice. It's quite hard to believe that God would do that at this time of the year but it's just not fair.

As some of you may know I am going to Rome tomorrow for christmas and I acctually picked to go there because I wanted to celebrate christmas's true meaning which is, in my religion, Jesus's birth, I must admit it doesn't really feel like christmas to me but hopefully thing's will be better when I get into Rome.

I know this was a bit of a personal post and I promise I will not do these this often.

Merry Christmas guy's, you're all in my prayers :)

Justine x


  1. how awful :( sorry for you friends loss, have a wonderful time in Rome xxxx

  2. Aww thanks hun :) Rome was amazing! I hope you had a brilliant christmas :) xxxx


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