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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas and Mini Haul ♥

Hey Girlies!

Hope everyone's keeping well! I am in a very festive mood today as I went for my first christmas shop! How exciting! I decied to incldues some photo's of my house's christmas decorations :)

Our Christmas tree :)

We have these on our fireplaces every year and we got them done when we went to disneyworld :)

No christmas would be complete without advent calenders ... nom :3

So onto the main post. I have been watching and reading many christmas gift idea video's and I love watching them and getting idea's but many off them I have been watching have just been to expensive :/ I am only 14 and to be frank I can't afford what these people are saying :/ It really sucks but I always seem to be able to find something that my family/ friends will like for not very much :)

So I guess you could call this a "gift guide for people on a budget" :D

Here's what my list for people nearest and dearest :)

Mum - Finding Nemo DVD and Mint's £9 - Family Joke ;)
Dad – Michael Jackson CD £9.99 - Dad + Michael = Bad singing and happy times :)
Ate Lyn – Hot water bottle £8 - Can't really go wrong with these can you?
Ate <-( Sister in filipino ) Jenna – Ring and socks £8 - Great for any girl
Nan – Ornament and book £10 - Nan's just love this stuff :)
Gramps – Deodorant and Chocolate £8 - Men can't get enough of ethier!
Sian – Lush Set £5/6 - They have some cute lush sets this year for any pocket!
Savannah - Lip balms and white chocolate £6 - She love's both :)
Rachel - Glee mug and Victoria secret stuff - My ultimate bestie obsessed with america ;)
Michael, Lauren and Mary – Bath sets £3.99 - Superdrug = Awesomeness

See how you can make a few pound's go along way? If you don't earn any money or your a little bit straped down with other things these are great and the person will love any of this :) Another great thing is moonpig or funky pigeon! They are personalised cards and these are great for that cousin you see every blue moon or that friend who never seems to answer the phone, also family memmbers can have a giggle over what you put in it!

Here are some other ideas I have got :)

Chocolate and sweets; you can never go wrong

These CD's are on trend at the minute and are about £10 each :)

DVD's are also amazing presents :) I choose these older movies beucase they won't be as much as latest releases but can be just as good.

And here is my mini haul :) I bought some Justin Bieber bracelets ( LESS THAN 3 MONTHS UNTIL I GO TO HIS CONCERT ... AHHHHHH! ) a witch blemish stick as I read on a blog that it worked wonders and it was £3, then I got a a 17 nailpolish because I had a voucher for half price with my boots card in royal indigo ( Justin Bieber's favoruite colour is purple ... just saying ... :)

Hope you liked it :)
If there's any post's or reviews you would like me to do then leave me a comment :)

Justine :)


  1. ooh cute ideas! thanks for sharing :) xxx

  2. I've done Christmas on a budget this year and realised that I can get some great gifts at a snippet of the price I normally do it for, I've done the whole lot for under £75 and thats for 15 people with the exception of my daughter! I really liked your post on this :) xxx

  3. Awwww that brillant! I'm glad you like the post I love your one and I am going to use thoose superdrug gift sets for some of my friends :) xxx

  4. Thanks again about my post, i really love yours actually i really like your whole blog :) Superdrug 3 for 2 gift sets FTW lol! xx

  5. all those CDs are ace! I like the Katy Perry one best I think....i'm seeing Taylor next year! SOOO excited!! XX

  6. @Charli
    Awww thank you! I ended up getting the bath fizzers and lipbalms for my friend on the superdrug 3 for 2! Merry Christmas! :) xx

    Wow your so lucky; im going to see Jstin Bieber and I am super duper excited! I love not like the movies on Katy Perry's CD :) Merry Christmas! :) xx


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