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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Happy December!

Hello darlings!


If you - like me - live in the UK you would have most proberly seen some snow recently! Me being a 14 year old loves the snow when it's lovely and fluffy but where I live we had short spurts of snow and it's all crunchy ... so it kinda sucks and even then we had to go to school! School has acctually been okay recently but it's getting very close to picking my options ... :O I am hoping to take double or triple science, history, french and drama! I must admit I am excited to do them purely for the reason that I will feel that the work I'm doing is going towards my future! I want to be a doctor when I am older because that will enable me to travel the world with my job which is something that seems so interesting! I would like to be a dermatoligist in particular because then I can mix my doctoring with beauty ;)

Also as we know december in my mind = Christmas! AHHH!
Last year I celebrated christmas in Paris! How exciting! It was amazing! I was in disney on christmas day! Well this year we are going to Rome! I can't wait! It sounds so different and Italy has always been a place I want to visit! So pictures and post when I get back!

My mom just got back from New York and I must admit I missed her plenty! She went there for the major sale's they have! If you don't know over the pond they have this HUGE sale called black friday sales! They take so much percent of things, so I was pretty excited! My mom gave me a juicy couture make up bag and some abercrombie jeggings! Yes I was buzzing :D She said that she has got some christmas stuff so I had to walk out of the room a few times ... ;) Before she left I told her about my new york pizza dream ( read the 30 thing post I did for more information ) and she said she would see if I could, so when she got home I asked her about it and she told me that people before had tried to give thme food and they accepted it but then they got ill and sued you. How sad is that? Someone being so nice to give someone food and then they claim! I was really upset but my mom said there were plenty of homeless people charities there so if I did go there one day I would dontate to that. - My mom preferes the mOm spelling :)

She was wondering if anyone would like any abercrombie stuff as she brought some back for friends and she was wondering if any of you guys would like to buy any? Just leave me a comment if you would like to!

And now girls HUGE HUGE NEWS!


AHHH! Must admit I am so excited to be going! I know some people do not aggree with my Bieber love but oh amn I am so excited! I go on 11.03.11 and it's 97 days til i go! AHHH!

Also for all my UK readers! Rebbecca to win Matt or One Direction to come second for X Factor! And Stacey to win tonight! :D

And I have twitter! Justine__Jones if your wondering!

So I just thought you would like a little random happy december post :D

- Justine :) x

P.S If there is any post's you would like me to do please comment and tell me!

P.P.S All photo's from the lovely google I wish I could take such nice picture but I can't so all credit to them :)


  1. aw bless you little cutie!
    well its good that you know sort of what you want to do for your career, but dont forget you still have a few years to decide so keep your options open and do the subjects that you enjoy the most, because otherwise youll end up hating them!

    new york - wow glad she got you some good presents!
    and justin biebers sucha little sweetheart, did you see him on x factor? im going to the x factor tour in march too EEEEEK! so much love for matt or one direction!!! and i think stacey will win, but shaun is such a joker!

    anyway, lovely post andhope youre enjoying the snow!


  2. Thank you for the advice! I really love history and drama so that's why I am taking them!

    Hehe gotta love your mum ;)
    He is he was amazing I LOVED his dancing! Wow thats so cool! I wish I was going ( you get to one direction you lucky thing! ) I went the year they had JLS and Alexadnra Burke and it was so good! Youv'e got to love shaun he's just so funny!

    Thanks for such a lovely comment :) xxxxx

  3. Your so lucky to be spending xmas in Rome. Have an amazing time! :) xxx


  4. Hey Justine, thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm now following you (=


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