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Monday, 19 April 2010

CDT is NOT for ME ....

Well today was the first day back at the hell pit for a whole weekend :'( not funny! So we had very very broign lessons and in maths cdt AND PE!!!!!!! What an awful day ... I was in CDT and i sat there going yes I really need to know how to make a box in my future career!!! Hello!!!!! I mean I know how to glue thing toghther I do not have to waste an hour a week do that1 Sorry but I detest it! Im not taking it for GCSE and that is another topic im in year 8 and I have to start thinking about the future ( aka next year! ) I want to do drama,History , Additonal Science and French or Spanish but im not to usre becuase I reallyb want to do bussiness :S Its all very confusing! I enjoy drama alot beucase I want to be a actress and my teacher said at parent evening she would like me to so you know Im taking that , history because you leanr about world war 2 and I very much enjoy history , addition science because my back up job is science crimanolgy and then a language because then I can become a translator! I want to have plenty of back up but then I could be a bussiness woman with bussiness :S What to do dear bloggers!


P.S Loving the Stila ;)

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