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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Welcome to blogspot (:

Well at last I have joined the wide communtiy of blogging (: I think this is more like a welcome blog than anything else so i might as well start from the start :) My name is Justine Maureen Soriano <> Jones I always seem to get funny looks every now and then about my name I mean not many people in the uk have my name so I will let you into a little history behind it! Justine was my mums idea and im very glad she named me Justine even though im sometime called justin but hey Justine is original right?????? Well I tell myself that! Maureen is my dads mothers name so theres not much story there and Soriano is my mums madien name because she is a philipina and my dad is bristish so we get Jones ;) Im 13 years old and I attened a state high school ( well politics call them state school to me its public high school) im in year 8 si I have no pressure if GCSE's just yet .... I really enjoy school ( shhhh dont tell anyone) but I enjoy learing new things my favourite subjects are history and drama beucas ethey are such different subjects and they are both so intresting :) Well I guess the rest of me will revel as I blog more (: Oh and just to make a point Im Catholic and at this moment in time I want Nick Clegg to live in number 1o downing street :)

Thank you for reading my blog If you have any questions just email me ;)

MissJustineJones x

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