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Friday, 30 April 2010

My view on Nail Polish (:

Hello Blog (: I know I have not payed you a vist in 11 days but I thought today would be a perfect day to write (: Some people may be reading this blog and thinking your 13 years old its nearly 11 in the morning your writing a blog .... WHY ARENT YOU AT SCHOOL!! Well I have a very good reason! I am going in for an operation today on my teeth .. Oww well im not having braces because bar two teeth that you cant see they a very straight ( thank you god for giving me them ) but I have a slight problem I still have one baby tooth left ... that will be there for a very long time ... like 30 years! This is because one of my bottom fangs ( yes I know it sounds like Ive just read a vampire book but I cannot remember the science name! )is basiclly lying in a very awkward postition bellow my two front bottom teeth ... so after about 8 months of vist to the hospitals we came to a conclusion that I need it taken out now or in the future it will cause problems so I guess it forthe better ... Now you are most prberly wondering Justien you titled the blog my view on nail polish why are you talking about your teeth! Well it all comes toghther to form this simple solution! I was rading my post operation steaps and it said the food intakle the drinking and then it said no make up and I was like bummer concealer would have really been good for me today but I understood becuase if you were wearing foundation then the blood might go everywere and then it would have to be taken off then it said no nail polish!!!!! I was beyond shocked!!!! How in the name of Justine does nail polsh effect the operation in my mouth! This brings me on to another point in my school its a school were theres no make up no nail polish no hair products ( they might as well cut our hair short and make us wear trousers! ) But being the person I am I have found a way around these rules :D Number 1 - You dont wer any make up that makes you look any different to when you woke up which sounds rediculas but I found concealer and clear/brown mascara go a very long wat Number 2 - I dont even wear hair products so this rule didnt affect me ;) Number 3 - I wear a nail treatment by sally hansen which helps them not crack and things alike ! So i have been wearing this for a while now but I have to take oit of for this operation great ........ Not a happy Justine!

Well I must dash the ops a 12 and I ahvent even got a wash .... Hmmmmmmm so all in all i think nail polish should be aloud anywere at anytime and any colour!!!! Whoop!!! I love being a girl ;)

I will post a nail polish collection blog when I get back

Miss. Justine Jones x (:

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