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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Ultimate Bargin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im pretty sure all make up addicts have heard of the brands Stila. Well today my parent wanted to go T.J Hughes to look at garden furniture so I tagged along with them. I walked into the stoer and there was a huge sign saying cosmetics so I decied to have a little look over tehre just exspecting to find the brands of make up that nobody has ever heard of .... As expected I saw brands that I had never heard ofthen I saw revlon,rimmel and maybelline so i was like well lets have look so I turned the corner at to my suprise I saw too faced urban decay AND STILA!!!!!!!! I was buzzing like there was no tomorrow!!!!!! The too faced was blue and some simmer pigment the urban decay a green eyeshadow in pan form I looked but decied that I didnt like it then there was a big container full of stila products including lip glazes , concealer , lip balms eyeshadow and even paint pots!!!!! I couldnt find a lip balm that hadnt been used so I take much interest in them the paintpot they had a green one called jade that didnt really catch my eyes at the time but if I go there again I think I might pick it up. They a liquid lipstick ( its not called that but it looked like one ) that was firetruck red so I didnt take much of a interest there. Then I looked at the concealer and it said dark on the package so I was like this isnt going to sutie me because I have NW25 skincolour but I opened it to see how dark dark was I opened it and I was stunned to see it was my skin colour!!! I swatched it on my hand and it just rubbed in perfect! So I had to get that! I then looked ta the eyeshadow and they had one in summer that I liked the look of put tehre was no pot to put it in so I decied it would be pointless and would break! Then I rooted around thrugh the lipglazes and some of them were used and gross but then I found one in pina colda that hadnt been touched and the box was firm so I picked up that. Now the best part the price ... so lets say for stila here it was around a tenner or more for a lip glaze right? Well guess how much I payed ....

£1!!!!!!!!!!! For each product what a deal is that its amazing!!!! As i was walking to the till I saw foundations, eyeshadow palletes and creams for £5.99 which was pretty amazing as they showed the orginal prices! So Im going to try and post a picture of the two products!

MissJustineJones x

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