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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Review - Boots Apple and Lime Body Spray

So sorry for 2 reviews in a row but I wrote my top 11 lip products and it deleted its self from me and it was a long and I really cant do another one because Im going to my nans very soon! So this is the boots apple and lime body spray its smells so good! I really like it! Its my scent at school I spray it all the time and its boy approved! Its only £1.99 and they have lots of scents so get the one that right for you :D

Miss Justine Jones x (:


  1. I have this in Vanilla- love it :) x

  2. I really want to try it quite a few people have said thats a nice one :) The purple one smells lovely to!

  3. I love the vanilla one too, its amazing! :) Xx

  4. I love the Wild Strawberry one :) but im going to try this as I love apple's too :) x

  5. Hehe I smelt that one when I went to boots and it reminds me of strawberry laces yummy!!! :)


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