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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Retreat 2010 (: OOTD & FOTD

I love this photo (:
These are my friend starting from the left - Sav,Alice,Rach,Lauren,Moiself,Mary,Sian and Niamh
Top - Adam and Joe (:
I went on my yearly retreat today with my school. I do go to a catholic school and yes I believe in God and Yes I believe in heaven (: But anyway our retreats arent where we pray all day ;)
We have to go to a church hall and this year it was the one where I go whenever I go to Mass so I was quite happy! We can all where our clothes so we all made an effort (:
Top - Juicy Couture
Legging - Primark
Cardie - Primark
Neckalse - Juicy Couture
Bracelet - Philippines
And we got to wear make up and our hair down that may not sound big but believe me when you have a school where the slightest bit of shimmer is caught and wipped of or if your hairs down they make you put it up in elastic band .....
Eyes - Bare Study Paint Pot - MAC , Vintage Lase Eyeshadow - Revlon, Soba - MAC and Beauty Rush Mascara - Black (:
Cheeks- Apple Blossom - Molton Brown Blush
Lips - Nivea essentical and Red Delicious - Beauty Rush
So I went in and I loved it (: Reetreat was amazing just chilling, talking , bonding and stuff I loved it (:
I promise more blogs soon (:


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